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Primary view of Culture and Anxiety: a Cross-Cultural Study
Abbassi, Amir
December 1998
Primary view of Biodiversity of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the South-Central Nearctic and Adjacent Neotropical Biotic Provinces
Abbott, John C.
May 1999
Primary view of A Preliminary Study of the Systemic Problems Underlying U.S.-East European Trade Relations
Abbott, Karen L.
March 1981
Primary view of An Investigation of the Management Accounting Framework for Performance Evaluation in American Multinational Enterprises
Abdallah, Wagdy M. (Wagdy Moustafa)
May 1982
Primary view of A Comparison of the Reporting of International News in Two Algerian and Two United States Daily Newspapers
Abderrahmane, Azzi
December 1980
Primary view of Field Validation of Zero Energy Lab Water-to-Water Ground Coupled Heat Pump Model
Abdulameer, Saif
May 2016
Primary view of Conglomerate Performance as Influenced by Selected Management Practices
Ablowich, Edgar Allen, 1913-
May 1973
Primary view of An Art Program Utilizing Discarded Materials in the Improvement of Interiors of Homes of Children in a Low Income Group
Abram, W. B.
January 1960
Primary view of An Analysis of Marketing in Saudi Arabia and American Marketing Executives' Knowledge About the Saudi Arabian Market
Abunabaa, Abdelaziz M.
December 1981
Primary view of Perceived Effect of the Quarter System on the Programs of Selected Middle Schools in the State of Texas
Acuff, George D.
August 1977
Primary view of The Value of Filmstrips in the Third Grade
Adair, Elva Gaynelle
Primary view of A Study of the Bacterial Flora of Food Utensils in Hardin College Cafeteria and Twenty-Five Eating Establishments in Wichita Falls, Texas
Adams, Isaac Newton
Primary view of Economic Development in Texas During Reconstruction, 1865-1875
Adams, Larry Earl
August 1980
Primary view of Drug Related Corruption
Adams, Mark
Spring 2012
Primary view of Post-Traumatic Symptomatology in the Luby's Shooting
Adams, Pam, 1964-
December 1993
Primary view of An Ethnographic Study of Outstanding, Veteran Elementary Teachers
Adams, Sandra K. (Sandra Kay)
August 1992
Primary view of Identification of College Freshmen According to Scholastic and Persistence Potential
Adams, William F. (William Franklin)
December 1992
Primary view of A Proposed Industrial Arts General Shop Curriculum for Pauline G. Hughes Middle School, Burleson Independent School District
Adams, William Leroy.
May 1978
Primary view of The Effects of Music and Operant Conditioning on Gross Motor Activity of Profound Mental Retardates
Addison, Max R.
January 1968
Primary view of Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation: A Study of Top Administration in Selected Institutions of Higher Education in Texas
Afifi, Rasoul
May 1984
Primary view of A Study of the Drafting Curriculum in the Fort Worth Public High Schools, Fort Worth, Texas
Agee, David W.
December 1973
Primary view of Strategic Planning in Higher Education : A Study of Application in Arkansas Senior Colleges and Universities
Agwu, Patrick A. (Patrick Agbai)
August 1992
Primary view of A History of Contemporary Independent Film Marketing in the United States (1989-1998)
Ahearn, John P. (John Patrick)
August 1998
Primary view of Ozone Pollution of Shale Gas Activities in North Texas
Ahmadi, Mahdi
May 2016
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