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Primary view of The Treatment of the Alto Flute in Orchestral Literature
Kirkpatrick, Linda M.
May 1980
Primary view of Jacob De Cordova and his Jewish influence on the settlement of Texas
Brand, Jerry S.
July 1974
Primary view of [DGPC to DGA name change document]
Dallas Gay Political Caucus
January 26, 1981
Primary view of The Gainsay Taxonomies
Huynh, Loc
December 2020
Primary view of The Charanga in New York, 1987-88: Musical Style, Performance Context, and Tradition
Murphy, John P. (John Patrick)
Primary view of Double Dare
Giron, Cynthia
November 2019
Primary view of Horn Concerto in E-flat Major (C41) by Antonio Rosetti: A Critical Edition
Stewart, Brandon (Brandon Gregory)
December 2019
Primary view of Exploring District and Campus Leaders' Practices that Support Homeless Students in Public Schools
Walker, Tonia L
May 2019
Primary view of Evaluating the Efficacy of Engagement Journalism in Local News: An Ethnographic Study of the Dallas Morning News
Wise, Hannah Marie
May 2019
Primary view of Four Evening Service Settings of Joel Martinson: An American's Contribution to Anglican Evensong Repertoire
Gordon, Gary (Gary Adrian)
May 2019
Primary view of "Para qué recorder": Preserving the Legacy of María Grever through Selected Vocal Compositions for Study and Performance
Canchola, Amy
May 2019
Primary view of Latin American Fusion: An Analysis of U.S. and Latin American Musical Styles and their Synthesis Exhibited in "The Cape Cod Files" by Paquito D'Rivera
Willsie, Lucas
May 2019
Primary view of The Bobwhite Population Decline: Its History, Genetic Consequences, and Studies on Techniques for Locating and Assessing Current Populations
Whitt, Jeffrey Glen
May 2019
Primary view of Student Perceptions of Teacher Credibility: A Predictor of Academic Success
Mathews Jr., John R.
May 2019
Primary view of The Impact of Sociocultural and Information Communication Technology Adoption Factors on the Everyday Life Information Seeking Behavior of Saudi Students in the United States
Alkahtani, Latifah M
May 2019
Primary view of Increasing Effective Thermal Resistance of Building Envelope's Insulation Using Polyurethane Foam Incorporated with Phase Change Material
Houl, Yassine
May 2019
Primary view of An Investigation of Mexican Gravesites in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and Laredo, Texas
Ludwig, Lisa M.
May 1990
Primary view of Welcoming Communities: Examining the Experiences of Dallas Area Immigrants on the Path to U.S. Citizenship
Fink, Madeline
December 2018
Primary view of Long-Term Citizen Science Water Monitoring Data: An Exploration of Accuracy over Space and Time
Albus, Kelly
December 2018
Primary view of The Double Down: The Autoethnography of Navigating as Black American Male Instructing Preservice Teachers Methods of Teaching Social Studies
Levingston, Earl Ray
December 2018
Primary view of Untrammeled by Man? An Ethnographic Approach of Outdoor Recreation Management in Charon's Garden Wilderness
Lukins, Gabrielle M
December 2018
Primary view of Wrestling with the Past: How National Wrestling Lost Its Regional Heritage
Treadway, William T.
December 2018
Primary view of Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Social Support on Adjustment of International Students
Li, Guang
December 2018
Primary view of Use of Digital Fabrication Tools and Curriculum with Gifted Students in Rural Middle Schools
Moore, Vince
December 2018
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