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Primary view of It's Going to be Different, but It's Going to be Okay: Caregiver Perspectives on Autism, Culture and Accessing Care
Otwori, Beverly N.
December 2017
Primary view of Understanding Perceptions of Community Gardens in the Dallas Area
Ayyad, Raja
December 2017
Primary view of Homecourt: A Nondirective Student Support Group
Nelson, Robert E., 1945-
August 1994
Primary view of The Effect of Age or Previous Post-Secondary Experience on Student Evaluation of Instruction
Klassen, James E. (James Edward)
August 1993
Primary view of The Role of Workstation-Based Client/Server Systems in Changing Business Processes: a Multiple Case Study
Nik Hassan, Nik Rushdi
December 1995
Primary view of Effects of Instructional Methods on Student Performance in Postsecondary Developmental Mathematics
Hernandez, Celeste Peyton
May 1999
Primary view of The Role of Contract Training by Academic Institutions in Corporate Education and Training Programs
Ball, Jennie (Jennie Lou)
December 1994
Primary view of The Role of the U.S. Mass Media in the Political Socialization of Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
Okoro, Iheanyi Emmanuel
August 1996
Primary view of Language Contact in the Inner City: the Acquisition of AAVE Features by Bilingual Hispanic Adolescents
Coleman, Jeffrey Alan
August 1998
Primary view of A Comparison of a Computer-Administered Test and a Paper and Pencil Test Using Normally Achieving and Mathematically Disabled Young Children
Swain, Colleen R. (Colleen Ruth)
May 1997
Primary view of A System of Selection and Human Resource Development for Small Retailers of Apparel and Accessories
Burr, Patricia LeMay
May 1973
Primary view of The Relative Desirability of Two Types of Junior College Operation
White, Talmadge Thayne
January 1959
Primary view of The Effects of English Immersion Mathematics Classes on the Mathematics Achievement and Aspiration of Eighth-Grade Spanish-Speaking LEP Students
Hunt, Beverly Thornhill
December 1996
Primary view of The History of the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development of the Dallas County Community College District
Hughes, Martha
April 1994
Primary view of A Cross-Racial Study of Small Business Managers
Howard, Kenneth W.
August 1973
Primary view of An Historical Study of the Contributions of Bill J. Priest to the Community College Movement
Whitson, Kathleen Krebbs, 1947-
August 1995
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Reading Instruction Management for Selected Third-grade Students in an Urban School District
Cohen, Kellie A. (Kellie Ann)
August 1991
Primary view of Iranian Access Television of Dallas: Cultural Issues, Preservation, and Community Formation
Karimi, Mohammad, 1959-
August 1997
Primary view of A Study of Relationships Between Teachers' Knowledge of and Attitude Toward Selected Teaching Strategies and Their Implementation in the Elementary Classroom
Speak, Lynda Overton
August 1987
Primary view of Effects of Water Quality, Instream Toxicity, and Habitat Variability on Fish Assemblages in the Trinity River, Texas
Arnold, Winfred R., 1960-
December 1989
Primary view of The Effects of Participation in a Buddy System on the Self-Concept, Academic Achievement, Attrition Rate, and Congruence Level of Community College Developmental Studies Students
Cinclair, Carol
December 1985
Primary view of Factors of Depression in the Elderly: Assessment and Implications for Diagnosis
Kunsak, Nancy Elizabeth
December 1987
Primary view of Attitudes of Faculty Members Toward the Integration of Faith and Discipline at Selected Southern Baptist Colleges and Universities
Cooper, Monte Vaughan
December 1990
Primary view of Trends in Strategic Planning in Private Social Service Agencies: A Test of the Ramanujam and Venkatraman Planning Model
Gilbertson, Diana L.
December 1989
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