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Primary view of The Comparative Effectiveness of Conventional and Programed Instructional Procedures in Teaching Fundamentals of Music
Cribb, George Robert, 1927-
January 1965
Primary view of Behavioral Outcomes of Client-Centered Play Therapy
Herd, Ruby H. (Ruby Helm)
May 1969
Primary view of Shoulder Muscle Electromyography During Diagonal and Straight Plane Patterns of Movement
Nelson, Julia Kathryn
August 1988
Primary view of A Course in Freshman English Composition Based on Theories of Creativity
Garrett, Patrick Posey
August 1969
Primary view of The Effects of Bilingual Education on Reading Test Scores: Can Dual-immersion Support Literacy for All Students?
Ridley, Natalie D.
May 2005
Primary view of The Relationship of Educational Achievement to the Role-Concept of Women
Mooneyham, Charlotte S.
May 1979
Primary view of A Comparison of the Self-Concepts of Negroes and Jews
Hammond, Marilyn Ann
January 1970
Primary view of A Comparison of the Holding Power of the White and Negro Schools in Fort Worth, Texas with an Analysis of the Significant Difference
Evans, Charles L.
August 1951
Primary view of A Proposed Guidance Program for Electra High School
Cox, Ethel Hixson
August 1950
Primary view of Sociometric Study of the Quadrangle Dormitory Students at North Texas State College
Hoblit, Robert Ernest
August 1953
Primary view of A Survey of the Post-War Planning of Colleges and Universities Designed to Meet the Needs of Returned War Veterans
McClintock, Haskell
August 1945
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Journalism Program of North Texas State College
McCloud, Robert J.
August 1952
Primary view of Dogmatism as Related to Anxiety and Self-Ideal Discrepancy
Davis, Franklin D.
January 1969
Primary view of Anxiety Levels of Creative, Performing Musicians
Davidson, Norma Lewis
January 1965
Primary view of A Comparison Between Reading and Listening in Comprehension and Retention of Certain Language Concepts in the Third Grade
Gay, Marcella
August 1950
Primary view of A History of the Schools of Cooke County, Texas
O'Brien, Randolph
August 1944
Primary view of A Comparison of Scores on a Test Constructed to Measure Authoritarian Personality with Scores on the F-Scale and on Six Attitudinal Statements
Matlock, Donald T.
January 1966
Primary view of Discovering Some Constructive Ways of Promoting Social Cooperation in the First Grade Child
Newsom, Jewell
August 1945
Primary view of Types of Maladjustment Found in Elementary School Children as Determined by Interviews with Fifty Elementary Teachers
Woodrum, Mildred M.
August 1942
Primary view of A Study of Musical Achievement in the Public Schools of Texas
Walters, Willard Gibson, 1911-
August 1942
Primary view of A Study to Determine the Social Attitudes and Behavior Problems in a Given Elementary School
Scott, Gladys M.
August 1944
Primary view of An Analysis of the Background Data of Fifty Students Who Failed in the College of Home Economics, Syracuse University
Grimes, Mary Xantha
August 1951
Primary view of A Study of the Effectiveness of the Sour Lake, Texas, High School Library Program
Cornwell, Bertha Terry
August 1946
Primary view of Maladjustment and the Distortion of Self-Perception
Love, William Allen
January 1964