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Primary view of Swinging Gait Patterns and Preferred Rung Spacing During Free Choice Horizontal Ladder Traverses
Roth, Charles H. (Charles Hillary)
August 1984
Primary view of Survey of Non-Triple Option and Triple Option Football Formation Success in Class AAAA Texas High Schools from 1968 to 1975
Poteet, Don
August 1977
Primary view of Comparison of the Personalities of Non-Injured and Injured Female Athletes in Intercollegiate Competition
Abadie, Deborah A.
December 1976
Primary view of The Status of Head Baseball Coaches in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Regard to the Professional Preparation Standards for Coaches as Set Forth By the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Swindell, Carl Lee
August 1975
Primary view of Dynamic Balance and Rhythm Among Elementary Pupils
Chew, Suzann S.
December 1974
Primary view of A Comparison of Strength Gains from Two Weight Training Programs for Fifteen Weeks of Active Exercise
Carson, Earl L.
August 1973
Primary view of Relationship Between Heel Length in Ratio to Foot Length and Performance in the Vertical Jump
Grant, Roger H.
May 1973
Primary view of The Construction of a Test to Measure Perceptual Ability in Tennis for College Women
Hilliard, Sherry A.
August 1970
Primary view of The Effects of Three Physical Education Activites on Selected Physical Fitness Components
Hampton, Gary Wade
June 1970
Primary view of A Study of the Effects of Classroom Instruction in the Areas of Folk Dance, Modern Dance, and Tap Dance Upon the Development of Rhythmic Ability of College Women
Sloan, Allison Ann
June 1970
Primary view of A Study of the Administrative and Curriculum Procedures Used for the Development of Men Physical Education Major in State Supported Colleges and Universities in Thirteen Selected States in the Southeast Portion of the United States of America
Dungan, Hubert Gray
August 1969
Primary view of A Survey of the Men's Physical Education Program at North Texas State University
Rozich, William F.
August 1969
Primary view of The Effect of Three Conditions of Practice on the Performance of the Football Center Snap by College Students
Levy, William C.
May 1969
Primary view of The Effects of a Unit in Selected Gymnastic and Tumbling Activities upon the Arm and Shoulder Strength of Eleventh-grade Girls
Smoot, Carolyn S.
August 1968
Primary view of Wall Volley Test Performance as a Function of Grip and Wrist Strength
Williams, Celia Maxine
August 1968
Primary view of Effects of Varied Intervals of Rest between Warm-Up and Performance on 440-Yard Dash Times
Hutterly, William U.
August 1967
Primary view of A Study of Coaching Techniques Employed by Coaches of the Interscholastic League Boys' Championship Class B Basketball Teams of Texas
Pruitt, Warren B.
August 1967
Primary view of A Study of the Effect of a Creative Dance Program on the Physical Fitness Level of Mentally Retarded Subjects at Denton State School Denton,Texas
Bradford, Minnie M.
August 1967
Primary view of An Analytical Study of the Administration of Athletic Trips for Boys in Selected Texas Public High Schools
Campbell, John Burtran
June 1967
Primary view of The Effects of Two Methods of Training on Arm Strength
Thompson, Charles J.
August 1966
Primary view of A Study of the Effects of Three Programs upon the Development of the Volley and the Serve as Used in the Sport of Volleyball
Clark, Joyce Jean
August 1966
Primary view of A Study of the Relationship of Three Surfaces on the Performances of High School Girls in the Shuttle Run
DeFord, Carolyn Jane
August 1966
Primary view of A Determination of the Number of Trials for a Valid Measure of Two Selected Skills
Fergason, Wanda D.
August 1965
Primary view of A Study of the Relationship between the Running Broad Jump and the Standing Broad Jump and of the Validity of the Three Trial Method
Sneed, Clara Janis
August 1965
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