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Louis Armstrong, radio program

Description: Louis Armstrong plays tunes and reads advertisements on Willis Conover's radio show. He mentions that he was performing at the Blue Mirror, situating this program between December 22, 1949, and January 4, 1950.
Date: [1949,1950]
Partner: UNT Music Library

Willis Conover: American Jazz #1

Description: The second part of a broadcast which featured Willis Conover discussing the music of Duke Ellington, followed by a translation in Swedish by an unknown speaker. This program occurred more than five years before the beginning of Conover's long-running VOA program, Music USA.
Date: August 23, 1949
Creator: Conover, Willis
Partner: UNT Music Library

Veterans' Cab advertisements; Meet Your Congress

Description: Side 1 of the recording contains five short advertisements for the Veterans' Cab company, dated February 24, 1949. Side 2 contains an excerpt of an episode of Meet Your Congress, in which United States senators discuss rent control.
Date: 1949
Creator: Cummings, Al & Moody, Blair
Partner: UNT Music Library