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11 september

Description: Recording of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's "11 september." The text is from a document called "What is MIR?" which was sent out illegally in Chile in 1974 and from the appeal of MIR two years after the taking over by the junta, on September 11, 1975. A left-wing party, MIR stayed in Chile in order to contribute as efficiently as possible to the building of the opposition. Other sound material also includes sounds from a typewriter and a demonstration at Bastad, Sweden in September 1975 at a tennis match between Sweden and Chile with more than 4,000 participants. The text is taken in small excerpts from the document in Spanish, English, Swedish, Danish, French, Dutch, and Icelandic. The piece consists of three sections overlapping each other gradually, which shows the relationship between the spoken words and the immediate danger connected with that text. The first section "as a spontaneous statement," deals with the document at its direct background: the silence is broken, in spite of the danger connected with the writing, manifolding papers that criticize the politics and methods of the junta and discuss the strategy of the opposition. The second section deals with the document as a medium of discussion. At the end of this section, the "media-environment," "almost as a magazine on foreign affairs," is broken by shouts from the demonstration at the Bastad which were heard directly in Chilean TV. The third section is about the appeal of MIR as a direct request to the audience: to isolate the junta through a boycott of Chilean products and through demanding from national politicians to break the silence which has long been maintained, among other places in the United Nations of which Chile is still a member. Inspiration for the piece came from the composer's participation in the activities of the ...
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Date: 1977
Creator: Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Carl
Partner: UNT Music Library


Description: Recording of Tommy Zwedberg's Röstband performed by Kerstin Ståhl (mezzo-soprano), Jorgen Johanson (trombone), and Göran Rydberg (percussion).
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Date: 1982/1983
Creator: Zwedberg, Tommy
Partner: UNT Music Library


Description: Recording of Åke Parmerud's Närheter. The title of the piece is a plural form of the word "closeness," which is rather untranslatable. The piece is a text-sound-composition, and was commissioned by the Swedish Radio. A large part of the piece is inspired by various sleep and dream manifestations. The text was written by the Swedish author Ella Hillbäck. Throughout the piece, even without knowing the meaning of the words, I believe one can feel the different "scenes" taking place. The first part of the piece is sort of an "ultimate story of creation,” at the same time implying the first phase of sleeping in a state of half consciousness. The following part of the piece is "a vision of a declining culture,” looked upon from a series of different angles. The end of this piece is built on the Swedish word for dance, which keeps falling apart. This second part also reflects the state of deep sleep where each dream becomes a part of the "collective" dream consisting of different scenes and different levels of "reality.” These "scenes and levels" are in an extrapolated sense, taking place and existing simultaneously at the same place and the same time. The level exposed is only a matter of which way the mind chooses.
Date: 1978
Creator: Parmerud, Åke
Partner: UNT Music Library