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Description: Recording of Costin Cazaban's Naturalia for piano and tape. Circular games on the harmonic sounds of the totally linear solo piano part. The direction of the music shows the process of disintegration on the environment. The idea for the work was aroused by the myth of the Sister of Albert Camus.
Date: 1980
Duration: 10 minutes
Creator: Cazaban, Costin
Partner: UNT Music Library

Five minute wonders

Description: Recording of Katharine Norman's Five minute wonders. This work consists of 4 movements: 1. Anything from the minibar?, 2. Oranges and Lemons, 3. Something quite atrocious, and 4. You need a cab?. The composer describes this work as midway between music and documentary that celebrates the "wonder" of a particular time and place.
Date: 1998/2000
Duration: 20 minutes 21 seconds
Creator: Norman, Katharine
Partner: UNT Music Library


Description: Recording of Nicolae Brânduș's Kitsch_N. It is an instrumental theatre subscribed to the preoccupation of the author with controlling randomness in a musical action where the sound, attitude and stage gestures are structurally corroborated widening the domain of the performance. It is the second piece of a cycle named Vagues where the author develops similar stochastic principles of composition.
Date: unknown
Duration: 18 minutes 28 seconds
Creator: Brânduș, Nicolae
Partner: UNT Music Library

Match - Monody I & Polyphony IV

Description: Recording of Nicolae Brânduș's Match - Monody I & Polyphony IV. It is a version dedicated to the Ensemble "Ars Nova" from Cluj, Romania and based on collages of traditional folk dances from Romania's northern area of Maramures and ancestral laments from the regions of Banat and Oltenia. The final tape was re-positioned in the frame of the performers' controlled improvisation live which follows the same principles of composition. It becames a sort of an ancestral memento to the momentary perform… more
Date: unknown
Duration: 19 minutes 46 seconds
Creator: Brânduș, Nicolae
Partner: UNT Music Library


Description: Recording of Elizabeth Anderson's Mimoyecques. The piece consists of two sets of recordings and electronics. One set of recordings would be made in and around the fortress and would serve as the base where the imprisonment, death, and transfiguration themes would be built. The second recording is in the languages of the 18 nationalities of the laborers. The central section of the work illustrates the idea of terror freedom is suddenly, inexplicably removed. The final section explores the concep… more
Date: 1994
Duration: 14 minutes 04 seconds
Creator: Anderson, Elizabeth, 1960-
Partner: UNT Music Library
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