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Open Access at the UNT Libraries

Description: This presentation discusses the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Library collection. It showcases the collections included in the UNT Digital Library, the statistics of use, and highlights the UNT Scholarly Works institutional repository.
Date: May 20, 2011
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

Design Thinking Redux: Leveraging Creativity for Innovative Solutions

Description: Presentation for the 2019 University of North Texas Open Access Symposium. This hands-on workshop focuses on using design thinking methodology to prototype solutions to the access to justice gap. The workshop cultivate participants’ creative problem-solving skillset (including prototype innovative solutions to an A2J issue discussed earlier in the Symposium) and empower them to lead their own initiative at their home institutions.
Date: May 18, 2019
Creator: Laskowski, Casandra M. & Raker, Kelli
Partner: UNT Libraries

Mind the Gaps: Promoting Open and Equal Access to Justice for All

Description: Presentation for the 2019 University of North Texas Open Access Symposium. This presentation argues that open access to legal information drives access to justice. Based on the first hand experience of one of the busiest public law libraries in the country, leveraging technology and library budgets to move legal forms and information from behind paywalls can open the courthouse doors for those who cannot afford legal representation. Speakers provide practical examples from their experiences at a metropolitan public law library to showcase the opportunities for bridging justice gaps with open access.
Date: May 17, 2019
Creator: Lawson, Joseph D. & Holmes, Heather
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Life-Changing Magic of OpenRefine: The Open-Source Art of Data Decluttering and Organizing

Description: Presentation for the 2017 UNT Open Access Symposium. This presentation provides an overview of a workshop on using OpenRefine to make sense of data, standardize, correct, and rearrange data elements, automate tedious editing, and prepare data for export to other platforms for a variety of uses.
Date: May 18, 2017
Creator: Feustle, Maristella
Partner: UNT Music Library