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Agenda Ecclesiae Moguntinensis

Description: "Per reverendissimum in Christo patrem, et amplissimum principem, ac dominum, Dominum VVolfgangum, Archiepiscopum Moguntinum, S. Romani Imperii per Germaniam Archicancellarium, Principem Electorem, &c. Necessariis quibusdam additionibus auctior, et multis locis emendatior, iam denuò typis evulgata." Text in Latin and German, including tables, calendars, and a catechism in German, along with notated music. Two of the back end pages have handwritten notes, including a handwritten rendering of Psalm 129/130 ("De profundis clamavi...").
Date: 1599
Creator: Catholic Church — Archdiocese of Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Partner: UNT Music Library

Agenda Ecclesiae Moguntinensis

Description: Agenda ecclesiae from the Catholic archdiocese of Mainz. This extensive volume includes calendars for movable feasts, a daily listing of feast days for commemoration, days for fasting and abstinence from eating meat, and instructions for priests on administering the sacraments, texts of various blessings and prayers, with text in Latin and German. The volume includes notated musical settings, and a catechism in German.
Date: 1599
Creator: Catholic Church — Archdiocese of Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Partner: UNT Music Library
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Animal word list with Latin names

Description: This is a word list based on animals mentioned in "Manipuri to Manipuri and English Dictionary" by N. Kelchandra Singh and a book of Manipuri flora and fauna. The word list consists of four main columns (from left to right): the Latin name of the animal, the Manipuri name of the animal, the genus the animal belongs to, and the English name of the animal. There are two additional columns for notes from the researchers indicating the page numbers this species is found in the dictionary. Some rows are highlighted in light blue, It is written in the roman alphabet.
Date: unknown
Creator: Chelliah, Shobhana Lakshmi
Partner: UNT College of Information


Description: Recording of Trevor Wishart's Anticredos performed by Trevor Wishart. It is a live-performance piece for six amplified voices using extended vocal techniques, but no electronic modification of the voices. The piece, commissioned by the English group "Singcircle," takes the word "Credos" and slowly dissolves and changes its sound-constituents through processes of gradual transformation. This recording is a studio version of the piece "sung" entirely by the composer.
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Date: 1980
Duration: 18 minutes 54 seconds
Creator: Wishart, Trevor
Partner: UNT Music Library

Antiqvæ mvsicæ avctores septem, Græce et latine, Marcvs Meibomivs restituit ac notis explicavit

Description: Contents: I. I. Aristoxeni Harmonicorvm elementorvm libri III. II. Evclidis [i.e. Cleonidae?] Introdvctio harmonica. Euclidis Sectio canonis. III. Nicomachi Geraseni, Pythagorici, Harmonices manvale. IV. Alypii Introdvctio mvsica. V. Gavdentii, philosophi, Introdvctio harmonica. VI. Bacchii senioris Introdvctio artis mvsicæ.--v. II. Aristidis Qvintiliani De mvsica libri III. & Martiani Capellæ De mvsica liber IX.
Date: 1652
Creator: Meibom, Marcus, 1630-1711
Partner: UNT Music Library

[Biblia Pauperum; Apocalypsis]

Description: Photographs of "Biblia Pauperum; Apocalypsis," held by UNT Special Collections. The first is of the cover of the white book and the title at the top in black Latin script, the first letter of each word red. On top of it is a brown paper with a illustration in a red circle of a woman, Latin wording is around the rim of the circle and snaking over the woman. The second image is an illustrious of horses. In these two pages, there are three drawings of horses: blue, red and black. On each horse is a woman riding it, with small paragraphs of Latin text by them. There are several other drawings of thing such as swords. The third image is an illustration of creatures. At the top of each page is a woman with blue wings. On one side she is holding a collar attached to a creature, and pushing another creature into the gaping mouth of a monster. On the bottom left page six women ride a horse. The text of "Biblia pauperum" consists of selections from the Book of Revelation. Stories of the Apocalypse often recount visions said to be revealed by a heavenly messenger or angel to an author concerning the end of the world.
Date: December 5, 2017
Creator: Sylve, Joshua & Merrill, Jeffery
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The Booke of Common Prayer

Description: 1611 edition of the Book of Common Prayer, with psalms. The psalms include incipits in Latin, and occasional notated settings, along with the traditional canticles (Benedictus, Magnificat, Nunc Dimmitis) for morning, evening, and night prayer, Te Deum, the Athanasian Creed, and other hymns and prayers.
Date: 1611
Creator: Church of England
Partner: UNT Music Library

Chordis Canam

Description: A recording of Roderik De Man's Chordis Canam. De Man composed Chordis Canam as a tribute to Annelie de Man and to Sies Bleeker. All sounds, except one, were derived from this harpsichord, no other equipment than microphones and tape recorders was used.
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Date: 1989
Duration: 10 minutes 24 seconds
Creator: Man, Roderik de, 1941-
Partner: UNT Music Library

Christ Blessing

Description: It is a round disc with painting of christ. Upper half of the body is visible with one hand holding a book and the other hand in gestural position. There is a circular disc behing the figure with painted motifs in green, blue and white colors. There is visible clothing worn by christ and textures are visible on the dark blue cloth worn over inside layer of clothing. Book has geen, yellow, red and white color motifs. Other than this there are two small circular discs on the plate with written text in latin. They are blue, white and red in color. Other than that metal is visible with plain golden surface.
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Date: 0100~
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
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