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Bhopal Chemical Disaster

Description: Encyclopedia article describing the devastating effects of a chemical disaster that took place in Bhopal, India in 1984. The author describes the effects of the chemical disaster and the events that followed.
Date: 2011
Creator: Gupta, Kailash
Partner: UNT College of Public Affairs and Community Service

Translations and Continuations: Riccoboni and Brooke, Graffigny and Roberts

Description: Article on a Pickering & Chatto publication titled, "Translations and Continuations" as part of its series "Chawton House Library: Women's Novels. The series presents not only translations from the French but also continuations to one of the French texts.
Date: 2011
Creator: Kaplan, Marijn S.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Photography Changes Our Environmental Awareness

Description: This article is part of a series by the Smithsonian Photography Initiative called Click! Photography Changes Everything. This article discusses how photography and increased visibility can bridge the gap between the natural world and human interaction.
Date: 2011
Creator: O'Connor, Brian Clark & Klaver, Irene
Partner: UNT College of Information

Photoelectron Spectroscopic Study of the Oxyallyl Diradical

Description: Article on a photoelectron spectroscopic study of the oxyallyl diradical.
Date: February 16, 2011
Creator: Ichino, Takatoshi; Villano, Stephanie M.; Gianola, Adam J.; Goebbert, Daniel J.; Velarde, Luis; Sanov, Andrei et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

High pressure oxidation of C2H4/NO mixtures

Description: Article on high pressure oxidation of C2H4/NO mixtures.
Date: 2011
Creator: Lopez, Jorge Gimenez; Alzueta, MarĂ­a U.; Rasmussen, Christian Lund; Marshall, Paul & Glarborg, Peter
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Kinetic and Modeling Studies of the Reaction S + H2S

Description: Article on kinetic and modeling studies of the reaction S + H2S.
Date: 2011
Creator: Gao, Yide; Zhou, Chenlai Ryan; Sendt, Karina; Goumri, Abdellatif; Haynes, Brian S. & Marshall, Paul
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

The X-Ray Properties of Typical High-Redshift Radio-Loud Quasars

Description: This article reports spectral, imaging, and variability results from four XMM-Newton observations and two Chandra observations of high-redshift radio-loud quasars.
Date: June 12, 2011
Creator: Saez, Christian; Brandt, William Nielsen; Shemmer, Ohad; Chomiuk, Laura; Lopez, Laura A.; Marshall, Herman L. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

A New Philosophy for the 21st Century

Description: Article discussing a new philosophy in the 21st century and challenges and potential for reform.
Date: December 11, 2011
Creator: Briggle, Adam & Frodeman, Robert
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Virtualization Based Secure Execution And Testing Framework

Description: Article discussing the use of a virtualization software to build a Virtualization Based Secure Execution and Testing Framework for testing hardware secure architectures.
Date: December 2011
Creator: Kotikela, Srujan Das; Nimgaonkar, Satyajeet & Gomathisankaran, Mahadevan
Partner: UNT College of Engineering

A Tribute to Carlos Augusto Angel Maya

Description: This article offers a tribute to Carlos Augusto Angel Maya. The authors explain Maya's life and work and his legacy of infinite value for the community of environmental thought in Colombia, in Latin America, and throughout the world.
Date: 2011
Creator: Noguera de Echeverri, Ana Patricia & Rozzi, Ricardo, 1960-
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

The Ecoresponsive Genome of Daphnia pulex

Description: This article discusses the ecoresponsive genome of Daphnia pulex.
Date: February 4, 2011
Creator: Colbourne, John K.; Pfrender, Michael E.; Gilbert, Donald; Thomas, W. Kelley; Tucker, Abraham; Oakley, Todd H. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Liminality as Thought and Action

Description: This article discusses liminality as thought and action in urban music education programs.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Emmanuel, Donna T.
Partner: UNT College of Music