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Description: This paper documents the execution and exhibition of a group of oil paintings exploring themes of spectacle and the construction of reality in contemporary American society. The paintings are composed of figures and fragments of text originating in stills taken from television news and reality TV. This paper describes and assesses the paintings according to a set of questions developed by the artist at the inception of the project. Various strategies employed in the execution of the work are analyzed and compared. The contribution of this project to the field of contemporary visual art is evaluated via comparison with other art, past and present, expressing similar concerns.
Date: May 2002
Creator: Brownlee, Tracie
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Flora and Fauna in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Mexican Casta Paintings

Description: The primary objective of this thesis is to identify patterns of appearance among the flora and fauna of selected eighteenth-century New Spanish casta paintings. The objectives of the thesis are to determine what types of flora and fauna are present within selected casta paintings, whether the flora and fauna's provenance is Spanish or Mexican and whether there are any potential associations of particular flora and fauna with the races being depicted in the same composition. I focus my flora and fauna research on three sets of casta paintings produced between 1750 and 1800: Miguel Cabrera's 1763 series, José Joaquín Magón's 1770 casta paintings, and Andrés de Islas' 1774 sequence. Although the paintings fall into the same genre and within a period of a little over a decade, they nevertheless offer different visions of New Spain's natural bounty and include objects designed to satisfy Europe's interest in the exotic.
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Date: May 2006
Creator: Torres, Anita Jacinta
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Use of the Golden Proportion in Paintings by Titian and Raphael

Description: Paintings of Raphael and Titian were chosen for study (1) to ascertain the extent to which they used geometry, and (2) to determine, if possible, the differences and likenesses in their underlying schemas, and (3) to determine how geometrical divisions, if used, affected the character of their paintings.
Date: 1942
Creator: Hamilton, Barbara Ruth
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Geometric Analysis of Four German Paintings in the National Gallery of Art

Description: In a recent study of the geometric analysis of various masterpieces of many periods dating from early Egyptian to contemporary times, the author noted with particular interest the structure of the paintings of the German Renaissance masters. It seemed that the Germans used a simpler geometric plan in their compositions than did the Italian Renaissance painters. The writer was inspired to make further investigation to determine if such a theory were true.
Date: 1951
Creator: Reid, Ana Perle Huffhines
Partner: UNT Libraries

Standards for Evaluating Paintings by Children in the Primary Grades

Description: Since most adults generally evaluate children's creative expression by adult standards, view it as meaningless, and frequently present children with hackneyed forms of visual "art"--such as stencil patterns, or color books in which the children are encouraged to copy adult drawings--the purpose of this study is to develop legitimate standards which the adult observer may use in judging children's paintings and to explain these standards through analyses of children's paintings selected from Grades I through III.
Date: January 1954
Creator: Jenkins, Frances M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Sublime and the Beautiful in the Works of Claude-Joseph Vernet

Description: This thesis examines the roles of the sublime and the beautiful in the works of eighteenth-century French landscape painter Claude-Joseph Vernet. An introduction to the study, a history of the sublime and beautiful, and an overview of the way these ideas are portrayed in Vernet's calm and storm pendants are provided. How commissions for these pendants relate to theoretical developments of the sublime and beautiful and how Vernet became aware of the these ideas are addressed. The thesis shows Vernet was not dependent on British patrons or on the century's most influential aesthetic treatise on the sublime and the beautiful by Edmund Burke, because Vernet started painting such themes well before Burke's treatise (1757) and did so in response to French patrons.
Date: May 1994
Creator: Howard, Jane
Partner: UNT Libraries

Southern Genre Painting and Illustration from 1830 to 1890

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to give a concise view of stylistic, iconographical, and iconological trends in Southern genre paintings and illustrations between 1830 and 1890 by native Southern artists and artists who lived at least ten years in the South. Exploration of artworks was accomplished by compiling as many artworks as possible per decade, separating each decade by dominant trends in subject matter, and researching to determine political and/or social implications associated with and affecting each image. Historical documents and the findings of other scholars revealed that many artworks carried political overtones reflecting the dominant thought of the white ruling class during the period while the significance and interpretation of other artworks was achieved by studying dominant personal beliefs and social practices.
Date: December 1997
Creator: Akard, Carrie Meitzner
Partner: UNT Libraries

As Thought is to Speech

Description: This problem tries to bring together a comprehensive array of themes. There has been a duality between painterly techniques, recognizable images and disjunctive imagery. The subtractive painting technique used has created smooth transitions between images and made these hybrid realities more convincing.
Date: May 1992
Creator: Miller, Susan
Partner: UNT Libraries

Kaugnayan (Connections)

Description: Artist Statement from the MFA Exhibition: "In my recent work, I have expanded upon the deconstruction, reconstruction, and reflection that has informed my artistic process for many years. My working method involves using remnants from previous works; they reappear in their original form or are reworked, aged destroyed, or recreated from different materials. My Process allows me to illustrate the passage of time as older work takes on new forms in a renewed context. New connections begin to surface as my paintings and accompanying objects are layered into a work about the passage of time as well as other passages; a migratory mentality know to all who live away from home."
Date: December 2019
Creator: Pettyjohn, Johanna
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

A Study of the Decision-Making Process During the Creative Act

Description: The purpose of this thesis project was to explore my decision-making process as it took place during the act of painting. I was interested in how my paintings evolved, either naturally or through a critical stage. Resolving a work which was in a crisis between success and failure was an important part of the creative process and required definite purposive action on my part. In this connection, I explored the nature of the decisions which either redirected my work toward a successful conclusion, or toward its abandonment.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Braden, P. Virginia
Partner: UNT Libraries