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Primary view of The effects of a teacher's employing principles from four models of learning singularly and in combination upon the acquisition of interpersonal skills in five year olds
Wawrykow, George M.
May 1975
Primary view of Identification of the Adlerian life style: development of an instrument for children
Stiles, Kathleen Ellis
December 1990
Primary view of The relationship between Piagetian developmental levels and the persuasive writing ability of third, fourth, and fifth graders
Poulsen, Belinda Gae
December 1997
Primary view of The Effects of Positive Reinforcement on the Self-Concept of Children in a Classroom
Kalish, Robert B.
August 1974
Primary view of The Personal and Social Characteristics of Normal American Preadolescents as Revealed in Research Completed since 1950
Howard, Arthur Eugene, 1928-
August 1964
Primary view of Opinions of Children's Behavior Problems
Mulkey, Gwendel
January 1970
Primary view of Test Order Effects on Children's Rorschachs
Coyle, Edward L. (Edward Louis), 1965-
May 1993
Primary view of An ethnographic study of the filial therapy process
Lahti, Sherrie (Sherrie Lyn)
August 1992
Primary view of A Critical Analysis of a Method of Understanding Children
Minick, Winnie Mallow
Primary view of Adlerian Counseling and the Early Recollections of Children
Statton, Jane Ellis Porter
May 1990
Primary view of Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, and Coping in Children and Adolescents Newly Diagnosed with Cancer and Children and Adolescents on Cancer Treatment for a Period of Seven Months or Longer
Jones, Tracy L.
May 2000
Primary view of Some Effects of Learning the Causes of Behavior upon Certain Personal and Social Attitudes of Pre-Adolescent Children
Griggs, Joseph Wright
May 1964
Primary view of A Study of some Relationships between Level of Self-Concept, Academic Achievement and Classroom Adjustment
Reeder, Thelma Adams
August 1953
Primary view of Assessing Play Interests in Toddlers.
Kodaka, Mitsuru
December 2009
Primary view of A Study of Early Changes in Selected Personality Components of Students in an Institutional Home  and School
Stewart, James H. (James Henry), 1935-
June 1970
Primary view of The Relationship of Violence to the Ability, Achievement, and Adjustment of Sixth-Grade Children
Garrish, Eunice
August 1970
Primary view of A Measurement System for Monitoring Play in Typically Developing Children and Children with Autism
Gudmundsdottir, Kristin
May 2002
Primary view of Effects and Mediation of Child-centered Play Therapy on Young Children Who Are Anxious
Stulmaker, Hayley L.
May 2014
Primary view of Influence of Internal/External Instructions on Children's Moral Judgments
Parker, Deborah A. (Deborah Ann)
August 1986
Primary view of Assessing Optimal Sibling Training Conditions: An Empirical Approach.
Merker, Stephanie K.
August 2005
Primary view of An Investigation of the Relationship Between Performance on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Picture Arrangement Subtest and Social Intelligence in Children
Jester, Charles Franklin
December 1976
Primary view of Family Structure and Self-Esteem of Elementary School Children
Anderson, Judy Novak
August 1978
Primary view of A Descriptive Study of Parenting Styles and Behaviors of 4-Year-Old Children When Parents Participate in a Parenting Education Program
Redwine, S. Michelle (Sondra Michelle)
May 1997
Primary view of Children's Cognitive and Moral Reasoning: Expressive Versus Receptive Cognitive Skills
Parker, Deborah A. (Deborah Ann)
December 1986