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Primary view of Summary of MATHEW/ADPIC model evaluation studies
Dickerson, M.H.
October 1, 1985
Primary view of Generating color terrain images in an emergency response system
Belles, R.D.
August 1, 1985
Primary view of MESOI Version 2. 0: an interactive mesoscale Lagrangian puff dispersion model with deposition and decay
Ramsdell, J.V.; Athey, G.F. & Glantz, C.S.
November 1, 1983
Primary view of Lower limit of detection: definition and elaboration of a proposed position for radiological effluent and environmental measurements
Currie, L.A.
September 1, 1984
Primary view of Filter testing and development for prolonged transuranic service and waste reduction
Geer, J. A.; Buttedahl, O. I.; Skaats, C. D.; Terada, K. & Woodard, R. W.
February 1, 1977
Primary view of Computer code to assess accidental pollutant releases
Pendergast, M.M. & Huang, J.C.
July 1, 1980
Primary view of ARAC: a centralized computer assisted emergency planning, response, and assessment system for atmospheric releases of toxic material
Dickerson, M.H. & Knox, J.B.
October 1, 1986
Primary view of RETADDII: modeling long-range atmospheric transport of radionuclides
Murphy, B.D.
January 1, 1982
Primary view of Improved capabilities for area environmental monitoring at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Morris, A.C. Jr.; Bauer, M.L. & Pudelek, R.E.
January 1, 1986
Primary view of Validation of Turner Workbook normalized air exposure predictions for surface level releases using Hanford dispersion data. [R]
Miller, C.W.; Little, C.A. & Hoffman, F.O.
January 1, 1979
Primary view of Real time quality control of meteorological data used in SRP's emergency response system
Pendergast, M.M.
May 1, 1980
Primary view of CRRIS: a methodology for assessing the impact of airborne radionuclide releases
Baes, C.F. III & Miller, C.W.
January 1, 1983
Primary view of Annual environmental monitoring report of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1984
Schleimer, G.E. (ed.)
April 1, 1985
Primary view of Optimization aspects of the ARAC real-time radiological emergency response system
Taylor, S.S. & Sullivan, T.J.
July 1, 1985
Primary view of Radioactivity in gaseous waste discharged from the separations facilities during fourth quarter of 1979
Sliger, G. J.
February 22, 1980
Primary view of Diffusion rates for elevated releases
Ramsdell, J.V.
November 1, 1983
Primary view of Background information on sources of low-level radionuclide emissions to air
Corbit, C.D.; Herrington, W.N.; Higby, D.P.; Stout, L.A. & Corley, J.P.
September 1, 1983
Primary view of Evaluation of the Split-H approach to modeling non-buoyant releases from vent stacks
Ramsdell, J.V.
April 1, 1983
Primary view of Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (ARAC): update 1977. [Atmospheric monitoring of effluents from DOE nuclear facilities]
Dickerson, M.H.
October 1, 1977
Primary view of Estimating radionuclide air concentrations near buildings: a screening approach
Miller, C.W. & Yildiran, M.
January 1, 1984
Primary view of Measurements and modeling of gamma absorbed doses due to releases from a linear proton accelerator: experimental design and preliminary results
Bowen, B.M.; Buhl, T.E.; Dewart, J.M.; Hansen, W.R.; Talley, D.; Chen, A.I. et al.
January 1, 1982
Primary view of Contour-to-grid methods for the ARAC system
Barbieri, J.F.
December 1, 1985
Primary view of Critique of methods for estimating plume depletion and deposition of airborne radionuclides
Miller, C.W. & Hoffman, F.O.
January 1, 1978
Primary view of Laboratory research on tailings stabilization methods and their effectiveness in radiation containment. [Uranium, reduction of radon exhalation]
Macbeth, P.J.; Jensen, C.M.; Rogers, V.C. & Overmyer, R.F.
April 1, 1978