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Primary view of Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of in vivo and in vitro synthesized proteins, antigenic proteins, and cross-reactive antigens in Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum Nichols strain and Treponema phagedenis biotype Reiter
Sayahtaheri, Sousan
May 1989
Primary view of How to Select Foods: [Part] 3. Foods Rich in Protein
Hunt, Caroline Louisa, 1865-1927 & Atwater, Helen W.
Primary view of Proposed Import Restrictions on Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs)
Shields, Dennis A. & Hanrahan, Charles E.
September 30, 2009
Primary view of Proposed Import Restrictions on Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs)
Shields, Dennis A. & Hanrahan, Charles E.
January 12, 2010
Flood, J.F.; Landry, D.W.; Bennett, E.L. & Jarvik, M.E.
July 1, 1980
Primary view of Evolution of Primary Hemostasis in Early Vertebrates
Kim, Seongcheol; Carrillo, Maira; Kulkarni, Vrinda & Jagadeeswaran, Pudur
December 23, 2009
Primary view of Identification of a New Class of Lipid Droplet-Associated Proteins in Plants
Horn, Patrick J.; James, Christopher N.; Gidda, Satinder K.; Kilaru, Aruna; Dyer, John M.; Mullen, Robert T. et al.
August 2013
Primary view of Investigation of the developmental profile of chromosomal proteins in Zea mays
Jordan, Berry Lyn
May 1985
Primary view of Protein profiles of azotobacter vinelandii during the encystment process
Butler, Mark A.
August 1977
Primary view of Identification of Endogenous Substrates for ADP-Ribosylation in Rat Liver
Loflin, Paul T. (Paul Tracey)
May 1992
Primary view of What makes species unique? The contribution of proteins with obscure features
Gollery, Martin; Harper, Jeffrey F.; Cushman, John; Mittler, Taliah; Girke, Thomas; Zhu, Jian-Kang et al.
June 27, 2006
Primary view of Phylogenetic analysis of eukaryotic NEET proteins uncovers a link between a key gene duplication event and the evolution of vertebrates
Inupakutika, Madhuri A.; Sengupta, Soham; Nechushtai, Rachel; Jennings, Patricia A.; Onuchic, JoseĢ N.; Azad, Rajeev K. et al.
February 16, 2017
Primary view of Interactions between mitoNEET and NAF-1 in cells
Karmi, Ola; Holt, Sarah H.; Song, Luhua; Tamir, Sagi; Luo, Yuting; Bai, Fang et al.
April 20, 2017
Primary view of Integration of Phenotypic Metadata and Protein Similarity in Archaea Using a Spectral Bipartitioning Approach
Hooper, Sean D.; Anderson, Iain J; Pati, Amrita; Dalevi, Daniel; Mavromatis, Konstantinos & Kyrpides, Nikos C
January 1, 2009
Primary view of Versatile P(acman) BAC Libraries for Transgenesis Studies in Drosophila melanogaster
Venken, Koen J.T.; Carlson, Joseph W.; Schulze, Karen L.; Pan, Hongling; He, Yuchun; Spokony, Rebecca et al.
April 21, 2009
Primary view of The effect of toasting on the protein quality of white bread and white bread supplemented with soybean
Okoro, Chioma E.
August 1979
Primary view of Semi-supervised prediction of protein subcellular localization using abstraction augmented Markov models
Caragea, Cornelia; Caragea, Doina; Silvescu, Adrian & Honavar, Vasant
October 26, 2010
Primary view of Survey of large protein complexes D. vulgaris reveals great structural diversity
Han, B.-G.; Dong, M.; Liu, H.; Camp, L.; Geller, J.; Singer, M. et al.
August 15, 2009
Primary view of Functional Assessment of the Medicago truncatula NIP/LATD Protein Demonstrates That It Is a High-Affinity Nitrate Transporter
Bagchi, Rammyani; Salehin, Mohammad; Adeyemo, O. Sarah; Salazar, Carolina; Shulaev, Vladimir; Sherrier, D. Janine et al.
October 2012
Primary view of Demonstrating the Uses of the Novel Gravitational Force Spectrometer to Stretch and Measure Fibrous Proteins
Dunn, James W. & Root, Douglas D.
Primary view of N-Acylethanolamine Signaling in Tobacco is Mediated by a Membrane-Associated, High-Affinity Binding Protein
Tripathy, Swati; Kleppinger-Sparace, Kathryn; Dixon, R. A. & Chapman, Kent D.
April 2003
Primary view of Fish of the Abyss: Adaptation to Protein Structure in Response to High Hydrostatic Pressure
Wattron, Bailey & Dickstein, Rebecca
April 14, 2011
Primary view of PROTEIN SYNTHESIS IN DELAYED IMPLANTING MOUSE OVA. Technical Progress Report, May 1, 1971--May 1, 1972.
Weitlauf, H.M.
October 31, 1972
Primary view of Data growth and its impact on the SCOP database: new developments
Chandonia, John-Marc; Andreeva, Antonina; Howorth, Dave; Chandonia, John-Marc; Brenner, Steven E.; Hubbard, Tim J.P. et al.
November 13, 2007