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Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation: A Study of Top Administration in Selected Institutions of Higher Education in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to analyze data from different sizes and types of higher education institutions in order to identify differences and similarities that may exist between the perceptions of top executives relative to idea generation and strategy implementation activities in the administration of higher education in Texas. In order to carry out the purpose of this study, two hypotheses were tested concerning the perceptions of top executives (presidents and vice presidents) relative to idea generation and strategy implementation activities in institutions of higher education in Texas. Type and size of the institution are the primary factors involved with these two hypotheses.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Afifi, Rasoul
Partner: UNT Libraries

Toward a Humane Computerization of Society: The Role of Higher Education

Description: This heuristic and inductive study proposes a philosophy and models for a humanizing role for higher education in the computer age. The university's traditional role stands the risk of serious erosion through increasing emphasis on technological programs, particularly in the computer areas. The pressures from inside and outside the university threaten to produce increasing numbers of what have been termed "highly educated barbarians." Because computerization offers to be a pervasive and widely-felt influence on society, the university must see that its graduates—both the producers and the consumers of computerization—become humane, liberally educated persons; they must have technical excellence and also an understanding of the "system Man." The study calls for an enhanced new curriculum fostering a "new mind" for the computer age, encompassing quality of both technique and humanity in its students.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Collins, Kenneth Dan
Partner: UNT Libraries

Perceptions of the Arkansas Student Assessment Program by State Legislators, Superintendents and Teachers

Description: The problem of this study was to compare the perceptions o£ Kansas state legislators, superintendents, and teachers toward the Arkansas Student Assessment Program. The purpose was to generate data which would benefit educational planners in Arkansas. Hypotheses which focused on current national issues in the statewide testing movement and on issues pertinent to the Arkansas program were constructed, and a questionnaire was developed to test the hypotheses. The questionnaire was mailed to all Arkansas state legislators and to the superintendent and a fourth-grade teacher in 100 randomly selected Arkansas school districts. Responses were received selected Arkansas school districts. 70 percent of superintendent from 50 percent of legislators, 70 per dents, and 74 per cent of teachers. The chi-square statistic was applied to individual questions in test for significance of difference between the groups, the Kruskal-Wallace one-way analysis of variance by ranks was applied to the hypotheses to test for significant differences between groups. In examining individual questions relating to legislators, superintendents, and teachers, significant differences were found on twenty three of the forty items on the questionnaire. A significant difference was found on each of the seven hypotheses, as follows: (1) superintendents and teachers understand the program better than legislators, (2, superintendents and teachers view the program as more adequate than legislators, (3) legislators and superintendents view the program as more fair than teachers; (4) superintendents and teachers are more positive than legislators concerning the use of the results; (5, legislators and superintendents more than teachers feel that the program has a greater impact; (6) legislators and superintendents are more positive about the public relations aspect of the testing program than are teachers; and (7) all three groups differ concerning improvements needed in the program.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Higginbotham, Ed
Partner: UNT Libraries

Short-to-Medium Term Enrollment Projection Based on Cycle Regression Analysis

Description: Short-to-medium projections were made of student semester credit hour enrollments for North Texas State University and the Texas Public and Senior Colleges and Universities (as defined by the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System). Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctorate, Total, Education, Liberal Arts, and Business enrollments were projected. Fall + Spring, Fall, Summer I + Summer II, Summer I were time periods for which projections were made. A new regression analysis called "cycle regression" which employs nonlinear regression techniques to extract multifrequential phenomena from time-series data was employed for the analysis of the enrollment data. The heuristic steps employed in cycle regression analysis are similar to those used in fitting polynomial models. A trend line and one or more sin waves (cycles) are simultaneously estimated using a partial F test. The process of adding cycle(s) to the model continues until no more significant terms can be estimated.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Chizari, Mohammad
Partner: UNT Libraries