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Primary view of Calculation of Airplane Performances Without the Aid of Polar Diagrams
Schrenk, Martin
March 1928
Primary view of General Formulas and Charts for the Calculation of Airplane Performance
Oswald, W. Bailey
Primary view of Manifest Anxiety and Task as Determiners of Performance in Paired Associate Learning
Brown, Bill Rondol
August 1965
Primary view of General Airplane Performance
Rockfeller, W. C.
June 1, 1937
Primary view of An Analysis of Teacher Performance Evaluation Policies and Criteria in Texas Public Schools
Marlin, Thomas William
December 1986
Primary view of Rhapsody in Green - A Happening: An Examination of the Happening as a Rhetorical Tool
Walker, Rebecca Ann
December 2004
Primary view of Loitering and range performance of turbojet-powered aircraft determined by off-design engine cycle analysis
Koutz, Stanley L. & Hensley, Reece V.
February 5, 1952
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Nuclear Fuel Performance Code
Perez, D. M.; Williamson, R. L.; Novascone, S. R. & T.
May 1, 2013
Primary view of The Stylistic Development of the Tiento on the Iberian Peninsula from Cabezón to Cabanilles: A Lecture Recital: Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of C. Franck, J. Alain, J. S. Bach, M. Reger, F. Liszt, W. A. Mozart and Others
Stevlingson, Norma
December 1974
Primary view of Test Anxiety and Performance on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
Leonard, Mary Lois
January 1968
Primary view of The Relationship between Fear and Stereotyped versus Non-Stereotyped Tasks
Sonntag, Norris P.
January 1968
Primary view of The Relationship of Expectancy of Success to Objective Probability and Consequences of Performance
Stephens, George Douglas
January 1968
Primary view of The Relationship of Anxiety, Reported Ability to Swim, and a Perceptual-Motor Skill
Sick, Robert H.
May 1968
Primary view of The Relationship of Anxiety to Critical Thinking
Perkins, Fredda M.
August 1971
Primary view of Freud's Objective Anxiety and College Performance
Sessions, Don Edwin
August 1966
Primary view of Leadership, Training, Mentoring, and Instructional Design
Pasquini, Laura A.
Primary view of The Subject of Learning and Performance
Pasquini, Laura A. & Allen, Jeff M.
Primary view of The Logarithmic Polar Curve - Its Theory and Application to the Predetermination of Airplane Performance
Cronstedt, Val
October 1924
Primary view of Effects of Nature of Cooling Surface on Radiator Performance
Parsons, S. R. & Kleinschmidt, R. V.
Primary view of The Effect of Weight and Drag on the Sinking Speed and Lift/Drag Ratio of Gliders
Kosin, R.
December 1934
Primary view of Calculation of Horsepower Available: Appendix to Estimation of the Variation of Thrust Horsepower With Air Speed
Ober, Shatswell
July 1934
Primary view of Summary of the Availability and Performance Problems of High Octane Number Fuels
NACA Committee on Aircraft Fuels
April 15, 1949
Primary view of Performance and Ranges of Application of Various Types of Aircraft-Propulsion System
Cleveland Laboratory Staff
August 1947
Primary view of Performance Characteristics of a Normal-Shock Side Inlet Located Downstream of a Canard Control Surface at Mach Numbers of 1.5 and 1.8
Dryer, Murray & Beke, Andrew
July 29, 1952