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Experimental overview of axion searches

Description: Experimental methods to search for the ``invisible axion`` (f{sub a} {much_gt} 250 GeV) are reviewed. The report focuses on the axion-photon coupling, both for laboratory experiments as well as those looking for stellar or cosmologically produced axions. The conclusion is that while the axion-photon mixing in principle would permit laboratory axion searches which are broadband in mass, in fact no such experiment could have the sensitivity to the axion, where m{sub afa} {approx} m{sub {pi}f{pi}}. The only experiments which promise to have any chance to find the axion are the microwave cavity experiments, which presume axions to constitute our galactic halo dark matter. The conversion of axions into a monochromatic microwave signal in a resonant circuit affords the experiment the extraordinary sensitivity required to see the axion, at the expense of being narrow-band in mass, i.e. a tuning experiment. Two such efforts are underway in the world.
Date: June 28, 1995
Creator: van Bibber, K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Performance of the AFS vertex detector at the CERN ISR

Description: The central detector of the Axial Field Spectrometer (AFS) is a cylindrical drift chamber using a bicycle-wheel geometry. Its design has been optimized for jet-like events with high track densities. This is accomplished through a high degree of azimuthal segmentation (4/sup 0/ sectors) with up to 42 space points per track, using measurements of drift time and charge division. Particle identification in the non-relativistic region is obtained by (dE/dx) sampling. The detector is operated in an inhomogeneous magnetic field at event rates of typically 5 x 10/sup 5/ collisions per second. Preliminary results will be presented on the detector performance achieved after one year of operation at the ISR.
Date: April 28, 1981
Creator: Botner, O.; Burkert, V. & Cockerill, D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department