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Advanced gas cooled nuclear reactor materials evaluation and development program. Progress report for period, 1 October 1977--31 December 1977

Description: The objectives of this program are to evaluate candidate alloys for Very High Temperature Reactor Nuclear Process Heat (NPH) and Direct Cycle Helium Turbine (DCHT) applications, in terms of the affect of simulated reactor primary coolant (helium containing small amounts of various other gases), high temperatures, and long time exposures, on the mechanical properties and structural and surface stability of selected candidate alloys. A second objective is to select and recommend materials for future test facilities and more extensive qualification programs. Work covered includes the activities associated with the procurement of the materials for the screening test program and information from vendor certification for the materials received for the nuclear process heat candidate alloys. The design modifications to the helium purification system and the construction status of the simulated reactor helium supply system, testing equipment, and analysis instrumentation and equipment are discussed. Finally, the status and details of the data management are presented.
Date: March 20, 1978
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor Materials Evaluation and Development Program: Topical report I, selection of candidate alloys. Volume 3. Selection of surface coating/substrate systems for screening creep and structural stability studies

Description: Considering the high temperature, low O/sub 2/, high C environment of operation in the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) Systems, the utilization of coatings is envisaged to hold potential for extending component lifetimes through the formation of stable and continuous oxide films with enhanced resistance to C diffusion. A survey of the current state of technology for high temperature coatings has been performed. The usefulness of these coatings on the Mo, Ni, and Fe base alloys is discussed. Specifically, no coating substitute was identified for TZM other than the well known W-3 (pack silicide) and Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ forming coatings were recommended for the Fe and Ni base structural materials. Recommendations as to coating types and processng have been made based on the predicted VHTR component size, shape, base metal and operational environment. Four tests designed to evaluate the effects of selected combinations of coatings and substrate matrices are recommended for consideration.
Date: June 20, 1980
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Safety analysis report use of H-451 graphite in Fort St. Vrain fuel elements

Description: The Safety Analysis Report (SAR) evaluates the use of H-451 graphite in future reload segments for the Fort St. Vrain (FSV) Nuclear Generating Station. It is proposed to replace the reference core H-327 graphite fuel and replaceable reflector elements with H-451 graphite elements as each segment is reloaded. The report presents the pertinent properties of the H-451 graphite material, the operational behavior of the H-451 graphite elements, and the effect on postulated accidents described in the FSV Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR).
Date: December 20, 1977
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department