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Primary view of Some Theorems from Plane Lobachevskian Geometry
Walker, Henry L.
June 1961
Primary view of Development of a Geometry from a Set of Axioms
Glasscock, Anita Louise
May 1973
Primary view of Sediment Transport in the Tanana River near Fairbanks, Alaska, 1980-81
Burrows, Robert L. & Harrold, Philip E.
Primary view of Convex Sets in the Plane
McPherson, Janie L.
June 1970
Primary view of Survey of the ATLAS Pixel Detector Components
ATLAS; Andreazza, A.; Kostyukhim, V. & Madaras, R.
March 19, 2008
Primary view of A Twenty-Five Point Geometry
Tillerson, Charles W.
January 1967
Primary view of Effect of channel geometry on the quenching of laminar flames
Berlad, A. L. & Potter, A. E., Jr.
May 6, 1954
Primary view of Characterizations of Some Combinatorial Geometries
Yoon, Young-jin
August 1992
Primary view of TEM Studies of Carbon Coated LiFePO4 after Charge DischargeCycling
Gabrisch, H.; Wilcox, J. & Doeff, M.
November 30, 2006
Primary view of A Special Purpose Slide Rule for Computing Solid Angles
Knight, J. R. & Henry, H. F.
September 19, 1957
Primary view of On the constructibility with ruler and compass of a minimum chord in a parabola
Anghel, Nicolae
Koestner, R.J.; Van Hove, M.A. & Somorjai, G.A.
September 1, 1980
Primary view of Designing the Ideal Uranyl Ligand: a Sterically-Induced Speciation Change in Complexes with Thiophene-Bridged Bis(3-hydroxy-N-methylpyridin-2-one)
Szigethy, Geza & Raymond, Kenneth N.
September 11, 2009
Primary view of Predictions of Elliptic flow and nuclear modification factor from 200 GeV U+U collisions at RHIC
Masui, Hiroshi; Mohanty, Bedangadas & Xu, Nu
July 7, 2010
Primary view of A Critical Review of the Literature on Pressure Drop in Noncircular Ducts and Annuli
Claiborne, H. C.
May 22, 1952
Primary view of The Design, Construction, and Use of a Projection Box to be Used in Teaching a Course in Descriptive Geometry
Mitchell, Donovan Rhea
January 1963
Primary view of Magnetic Field of an Interrupted Solenoid
Condon, Edward Uhler & Dempster, R. R.
Primary view of The Common Geometry Module (CGM): a Generic, Extensible Geometry Interface
September 14, 2000
Primary view of Probing the Geometry of Warped String Compactifications at the LHC
Walker, Devin; Shiu, Gary; Underwood, Bret; Zurek, Kathryn M. & Walker, Devin G. E.
May 28, 2007
Primary view of Surprising Coordination Geometry Differences in Ce(IV)- and Pu(IV)-Maltol Complexes
Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National; Raymond, Kenneth; Szigethy, Geza; Xu, Jide; Gorden, Anne E.V.; Teat, Simon J. et al.
February 12, 2008
Primary view of Mapping the geometry of the E6 group
Cerchiai , Bianca; Bernardoni, Fabio; Cacciatori, Sergio L.; Cerchiai, Bianca L. & Scotti, Antonio
October 1, 2007
Primary view of TEM Study of Fracturing in Spherical and Plate-like LiFePO4Particles
Gabrisch, H.; Wilcox, J. & Doeff, M.M.
December 20, 2007
Primary view of Supergravity Analysis of Hybrid Inflation Model from D3--D7 System
Koyama, Fumikazu; Tachikawa, Yuji & Watari, Taizan
November 20, 2003
Primary view of On complexity of the mixed volume of parallelograms
Gurvits, Leonid
January 1, 2009