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Primary view of Executive Correspondence – Letter 08/23/05 to Chairman Principi from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
unknown creator
August 24, 2005
Primary view of Accident Experience: Iron-Ore Mines, Lake Superior District, 1940-43
Cash, Frank E. & Larsen, Reuben D.
May 1945
Primary view of Safety Cars of the United States Bureau of Mines
Forbes, J. J. & Ankeny, M. J.
March 1931
Primary view of Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of Portions of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Washington: Final Report, Volume 1. Instrumentation and Methods
Texas Instruments Incorporated
March 1979
Primary view of The Operation of Centralized Purchasing for the State-Supported Institutions of the State of Texas and Selected States
Duckworth, Earl Mead
June 1950
Primary view of Birds of the St. Croix River Valley: Minnesota and Wisconsin
Faanes, Craig A.
Primary view of Methods of Controlling or Eradicating the Wild Oat in the Hard Spring-Wheat Area
Cates, H. R.
Primary view of The Roundheaded Apple-Tree Borer
Brooks, Fred E.
Primary view of Growing Hard Spring Wheat
Ball, Carleton R. (Carleton Roy), 1873-1958 & Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888
Primary view of The Durum Wheats
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888 & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
Primary view of Emmer and Spelt
Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893- & Leighty, C. E. (Clyde Evert), b. 1882
Primary view of Alsike Clover
Pieters, A. J.
Primary view of Rape as a Forage Crop
Hitchcock, A. S. (Albert Spear), 1865-1935
Primary view of The Culture of Winter Wheat in the Eastern United States
Leighty, C. E. (Clyde Evert), b. 1882
Primary view of The Culture of Winter Wheat in the Eastern United States
Leighty, C. E. (Clyde Evert), b. 1882
Primary view of Sixty-Day and Kherson Oats
Warburton, C. W. (Clyde William), 1879-1950
Primary view of Marketing Eggs Through the Creamery
Slocum, Rob R. (Rob Roy), 1883-1944
Primary view of Teaching Near Death Experiences to Medical Students
Sheeler, Robert D.
Summer 2005
Primary view of Ego, Moral, and Faith Development in Near-Death Experiencers: Three Case Studies
Newsome, Rosalie D.
Winter 1988
Primary view of Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 52
United States. Office of Experiment Stations.
Primary view of Common White Grubs
Davis, John J. (John June), 1885-1965
Primary view of The Russian Thistle and Other Troublesome Weeds in the Wheat Region of Minnesota and North and South Dakota.
Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870
Primary view of Clover Farming on the Sandy Jack-Pine Lands of the North
Smith, Clarence Beaman, 1870-1948
Primary view of Grain Farming in the Corn Belt with Live Stock as a Side Line
Vrooman, Carl Schurz, 1872-1966