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Adapting Water Management A Primer on Coping with Climate Change

Description: This primer is intended as a guide to some of the basic issues surrounding water management from a climate change perspective. It includes information on climate change impacts on various freshwater ecosystems as well as precipitation. Also addressed is how the assessment of vulnerability should distinguish between impacts assessment, which attempts to project future biophysical and ecological changes in a deterministic manner, and vulnerability assessment, which attempts to combine an assessment of future suites of change with an assessment of the resilience of ecosystems and management institutions.
Date: March 2009
Creator: Matthews, John H. & Quesne, Tom Le
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Transportation Research Program for Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change and Conserving Energy Special Report 299

Description: This report from the Transportation Research Board suggests that federal, state, and local policy makers need informed guidance about the effectiveness, costs, feasibility, and acceptability of transportation strategies to mitigate transportation greenhouse gas emissions, to conserve energy, and to adapt to climate change. The report covers strategies affecting travel and mode choice, models and decision tools, infrastructure investment options and infrastructure construction, operation, and maintenance. The report recommends beginning a research and development initiative by making a modest investment of $40 million to $45 million annually in the next surface transportation authorization that would be used to develop the best available guidance quickly on the basis of existing information and then begin to improve that guidance over time as new research is completed.
Date: October 2009
Creator: Committee for Study on Transportation Research Programs to Address Energy and Climate Change
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Community Water Initiative Fostering Water Security and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Description: This publication highlights some case studies that illustrate successful projects funded by the Community Water Initiative (CWI), which have helped foster water security in local communities while simultaneously helping them mitigate and adapt to climate change through: (i) Community-based water supply and sanitation services using low-cost systems manageable by communities; (ii) Water resource conservation and sustainable land management to create resilient systems to combat drought and floods; (iii) Providing clean energy for water pumping; and (iv) Capacity building for community-level governance through community water management committees, women’s empowerment, and the establishment of water user fee schemes.
Date: 2010
Creator: GEF‐SGP National Coordinators
Partner: UNT Libraries

Proteomic Insights: Cryoadaption of Permafrost Bacteria

Description: The permafrost microbial community has been described as 'a community of survivors' (Friedman 1994). Because of the permanently cold condition and the long term isolation of the permafrost sediments, the permafrost microorganisms have acquired various adaptive features in the membrane, enzymes, and macromolecular synthesis. This chapter reviews the different adaptive mechanisms used by permafrost microorganisms with a focus on the proteomic level of cryoadaptation that have recently been identified during the low temperature growth in permafrost bacteria.
Date: January 1, 2009
Creator: Qiu, Yinghua; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana A. & Lubman, David M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Summer Workshop: Molecular Basis, Physiology and Diversity of Microbial Adaptation

Description: This summer workshop successfully exposed beginning graduate students, research technicians from industry, and other scientists to modern concepts and experimental protocols in an area that both DOE and NSF perceived to be lacking in U.S. science. 70 students participated in this workshop over 5 summers. Each summer, 12-16 students spent 2-4 weeks at The Ohio State University covering four distinct modules through lectures, laboratory sessions, and interaction with internationally recognized eminent scientists.
Date: May 7, 2002
Creator: Tabita, F. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Adaptation to Climate Change

Description: This is one in a series of Advisory Notes that supplement the OECD/DAC Good Practice Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (OECD/DAC 2006). The focus of this Advisory Note is to show how Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) approaches can help mainstream adaptation to climate change into strategic planning. It is used to integrate considerations related to climate change into national development or sectoral management planning or policymaking processes.
Date: October 2008
Creator: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Partner: UNT Libraries

Second National Communication on Climate Change of The People’s Republic of China

Description: The Second National Communication on Climate Change of the People’s Republic of China, is divided into 8 parts with relevant chapters underneath: national circumstances, national GHG inventory, climate change impacts and adaptation, policies and actions for climate change mitigation.
Date: December 19, 2014
Creator: the People’s Republic of China
Partner: UNT Libraries

Scoping assessment of knowledge needs in climate change adaptation in China

Description: The goal of this review is to identify ways to strengthen the links between scientific and technical knowledge with action on climate change adaptation. The study focuses on the impacts of climate change on agriculture and rural development, the two sectors thought to be most vulnerable. It draws on a literature review for context, but employs case study research as its main methodology.
Date: 2012
Creator: Lailai Li; Xiaojing Fei; Jiayi Xu & Huw Slater
Partner: UNT Libraries

China Climate Change Partnership Framework

Description: .Mainstreaming of climate change mitigation and adaptation into national and sub-national policies, planning, and investment frameworks. Establishment of innovative partnerships and dissemination of dissemination of technologies to mitigate climate change and increase local access to sustainable energy. Accelerated action by China in assessing vulnerability to climate change and developing adaptation plans and mechanisms.
Date: April 29, 2008
Creator: The MDG Achievement Fund
Partner: UNT Libraries


Description: This paper provides an assessment of broad trends in progress on assessment and implementation of adaptation to climate change in “developed countries”, defined here as being Member states of the OECD and/or Parties listed under Annex I of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Primary inputs to this analysis are the National Communications (NCs) by these countries to the UNFCCC. NCs follow a standardised reporting format which facilitates cross-national comparison. They also reflect “whole government” perspectives. At the same time, however, the coverage of particular issues within these documents need not be comprehensive, nor might it necessarily reflect policy priorities on the ground. Therefore, this paper also examines other policies and projects which highlight progress on implementing adaptation, but which have not been reflected in the NCs.
Date: May 2006
Creator: Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun & Shardul Agrawala
Partner: UNT Libraries

Finacial Institutions Taking Action on Climate Change

Description: This report details finance sector leadership actions and their contribution to solving the climate change challenge across the following six areas: 1. Low carbon and energy efficiency finance and investing, 2. Emissions reducing finance and investing, 3. Adaptation finance and investing, 4. Measurement and transparency, 5. Engagement with companies, 6. Engagement with policy makers.
Date: December 8, 2014
Creator: World Bank Group
Partner: UNT Libraries

Climate Change Plans and Infrastructure in Asian Cities: a Survey of Plans and Priorities

Description: The objectives of the survey of Asian cities are to determine:the status of climate change and other relevant plans for Asian cities and their focus on climate change adaptation versus mitigation, Where demand for climate change related infrastructure projects exists based on these plans, The role of development agencies and other development partners in prioritizing, planning and investing in urban infrastructure.
Date: June 2012
Creator: Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center (CAI-Asia)
Partner: UNT Libraries

FASEB summer research conference on signal transduction in plants. Final report, June 16, 1996--June 21, 1996

Description: This is the program from the second FASEB conference on Signal Transduction in Plants. Topic areas included the following: environmental signaling; perception and transduction of light signals; signaling in plant microbe interactions; signaling in plant pathogen interactions; cell, cell communication; cytoskeleton, plasma membrane, and cellwall continuum; signaling molecules in plant growth and development I and II. A list of participants is included.
Date: December 31, 1996
Creator: Lomax, T.L. & Quatrano, R.S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The photosynthetic acclimation response of Lolium perenne to four years growth in a free-air CO{sub 2} enrichment (FACE) facility

Description: In this study, the photosynthetic responses of field grown Lolium perenne to ambient (354 {mu}mol mol{sup -1}) and elevated (600 {mu}mol mol{sup -1}) C{sub a} were measured. The experiment utilized the FACE facility at Eschikon, Switzerland; here the L. Perenne swards had been grown at two nitrogen treatments, with six cuts per year, for 4 years. The study revealed a significant decrease in Rubisco activity (Vcmax) in the low nitrogen FACE plots; this is consistent with the theories of source-sink imbalance resulting in feedback inhibition and down-regulation. Such negative acclimation was not wholly supported by diurnal investigations which revealed an average stimulation of 53.38% and 52.78% in the low and high nitrogen, respectively. However, light response curves and AI investigations also suggested down-regulation, especially in the low nitrogen. SI is expected to decrease in response to elevated C{sub a}, if any change is seen. This was indeed observed in the high nitrogen plots but for the low nitrogen a significant increase was found. Conclusions drawn from this project center around the implications of negative acclimation to future crop productivity. For instance, inter-specific differences in response to elevated C{sub a} may result in ecosystem changes and new management techniques may be necessary. However, real predictions cannot be made from leaf level studies alone as these may not represent the overall changes at the whole plant level.
Date: November 1, 1996
Creator: Creasey, R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Understanding knowledge management and organizational adaptation and the influencing effects of trust and industrial cluster.

Description: Due to rapid environmental change, today's business requires a more collaborative management to ensure positive performance. One of the important means that can help firms adapt successfully to a changing environment is knowledge management. The management of information and knowledge as key to retaining competitive advantage and has recently evolved into a more strategically focused research topic for both business and academic study. Managing knowledge, however, is deemed difficult because many companies recognize the importance of their proprietary knowledge and are not willing to share it freely. Recognizing this weakness, many countries have promoted the development of regional clusters where firms can co-develop their competences and competitive advantage against the world's best competitors by sharing knowledge, resources, and innovative capabilities. Other than industrial clusters, trust is also considered an important factor in knowledge management study. Trust reduces the need to monitor others' behaviors, formalize procedures, and it lowers transaction costs. At the macro level, trust can enhance organizations' core competencies and sustain their competitive advantages through co-evolution. This may occur through the development of group collaborations, cooperative relationships, and networks. The study adopted a field survey research method and used multiple regressions as the data analysis technique. The dependent variable in the study was organizational adaptation, while the independent variables were knowledge management, trust and industrial cluster. Data were collected using survey of key informants from 943 companies. The results of the analysis suggested that knowledge management does have significant influence on organizational adaptation and both industrial cluster and trust impact on organizational learning activities. The major contribution of this study is that it offers a more holistic approach in studying knowledge management by adding a new element: knowledge applying. Moreover, this study offers an initial attempt to test industrial cluster in hopes of advancing the research in management related ...
Date: May 2008
Creator: Niu, Kuei-Hsien
Partner: UNT Libraries

Vitamin A Administration and Dark Adaption of Second and Third Grade Children

Description: This study was formulated for the following purposes: (1) To determine if a learning factor is involved when repeated tests are made with a dark adaption instrument, (2) To determine if the dark adaption of a group of second and third grade children showing poor dark adaption can be improved by the daily administration of Haliver oil capsules, (3) To obtain a dark adaption curve for two hundred twenty-three grade children of Denton, Texas.
Date: 1940
Creator: Silk, Maurice Raper
Partner: UNT Libraries

2018 Equity and Diversity Conference: What We Talk About When We Talk About Race (Conference Cut)

Description: Video recording of the performance, What We Talk About When We Talk About Race. What We Talk About When We Talk About Race is the culmination of a year-long discussion and production process that took place between African-American and White students and professors in the Department of Communication Studies. What began as a set of informal dinners, in which they slowly, haltingly, and gradually told stories about themselves, their families, and their histories with race, has resulted in a devised production that includes personal narrative and adaptations of literature that reveal what they learned on their journey from conversations to a performance that has been collaboratively conceived, written, and directed. Among their performances, the play served as the finale for this year’s 2018 Equity and Diversity Conference. The conference cut of this performance also features Shawn Brewer of Peterbilt, the conference’s production sponsor.
Date: February 22, 2018
Creator: Hurtado-Ramos, Teresita & Brewer, Shawn
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

2018 Equity and Diversity Conference: What We Talk About When We Talk About Race (Performance)

Description: Video recording of the performance, What We Talk About When We Talk About Race. What We Talk About When We Talk About Race is the culmination of a year-long discussion and production process that took place between African-American and White students and professors in the Department of Communication Studies. What began as a set of informal dinners, in which they slowly, haltingly, and gradually told stories about themselves, their families, and their histories with race, has resulted in a devised production that includes personal narrative and adaptations of literature that reveal what they learned on their journey from conversations to a performance that has been collaboratively conceived, written, and directed. Among their performances, the play served as the finale for this year’s 2018 Equity and Diversity Conference.
Date: February 22, 2018
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

1993 Annual report on scientific programs: A broad research program on the sciences of complexity

Description: This report provides a summary of many of the research projects completed by the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) during 1993. These research efforts continue to focus on two general areas: the study of, and search for, underlying scientific principles governing complex adaptive systems, and the exploration of new theories of computation that incorporate natural mechanisms of adaptation (mutation, genetics, evolution).
Date: December 31, 1993
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Body shape differences in a pair of closely related Malawi cichlids and their hybrids: Effects of genetic variation, phenotypic plasticity, and transgressive segregation

Description: This article investigates the contributions of genetic and plastic components for differences in body shape in two species of Lake Malawi cichlids using wild-caught specimens and a common garden experiment.
Date: January 28, 2017
Creator: Husemann, Martin; Tobler, Michael; McCauley, Cagney; Ding, Baoqing & Danley, Patrick D.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Africa Adaptation Programme: An insight into AAP and Country project Profiles

Description: The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) has been designed to support the long-term efforts of targeted countries to further develop their capability to successfully identify, design and implement holistic adaptation and disaster risk reduction programmes that are aligned with national development priorities. This report provides insight into the Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) and its related country project profiles. The AAP has shifted into implementation, with Namibia and Tunisia as the first countries to complete national inception workshops. Eighteen out of the total twenty programme countries will complete national inception processes and start full-fledged implementation in the coming months.
Date: January 2010
Creator: The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Climate Change Adaptation: Strategic Federal Planning Could Help Government Officials Make More Informed Decisions

Description: A letter report issued by the Government Accountability Office with an abstract that begins "Changes in the climate attributable to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases may have significant impacts in the United States and the world. For example, climate change could threaten coastal areas with rising sea levels. Greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere will continue altering the climate system into the future, regardless of emissions control efforts. Therefore, adaptation--defined as adjustments to natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climate change--is an important part of the response to climate change. GAO was asked to examine (1) what actions federal, state, local, and international authorities are taking to adapt to a changing climate; (2) the challenges that federal, state, and local officials face in their efforts to adapt; and (3) actions that Congress and federal agencies could take to help address these challenges. We also discuss our prior work on similarly complex, interdisciplinary issues. This report is based on analysis of studies, site visits to areas pursuing adaptation efforts, and responses to a Web-based questionnaire sent to federal, state, and local officials."
Date: October 7, 2009
Creator: United States. Government Accountability Office.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department