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Linkage of Business and Manufacturing Strategies as a Determinant of Enterprise Performance: an Empirical Study in the Textile Industry

Description: The main question in this study was: do business units that exhibit a "linkage" or "fit" between their business strategy and manufacturing strategy variables, outperform competitors who lack such a fit? This exploratory research focused on two business strategies: cost leadership and differentiation. Based on existing literature, twenty-four hypotheses concerning the relationship between business strategy and selected manufacturing strategy variables were developed. The manufacturing executives of eighty-eight broadwoven cotton fabric mills (SIC 2211) were surveyed using a qualitative questionnaire. Two sets of comparisons were made between the manufacturing strategy variables of the sampled firms: first, high vs. low performers pursuing cost leadership strategy; and second, high vs. low performers focusing on differentiation strategy. Within each set of comparisons, high performers reported linkage between their business strategies and selected manufacturing strategy variables. This study re-affirms the importance of linking business strategy with manufacturing strategy variables as a forceful weapon for overcoming competition.
Date: May 1992
Creator: Kassaee, Massoud
Partner: UNT Libraries

Proposals for Funding Mass Transportation

Description: This report provides outlines the key points of basic concepts for funding mass transportation. The author outlines four funding concepts: contract authority, a general transportation trust fund, an urban transportation trust fund, and the optional use of highway trust fund money.
Date: February 28, 1974
Creator: McCardell, Thomas E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Ground-Water Resources of the Alluvial Aquifers in Northeastern Larimer County, Colorado

Description: From introduction: Ground water is a source of municipal, domestic, stock, and irrigation water supply for most of northeastern Larimer County, Colorado. This report presents the results of a study made to determine the quantity, availability, and quality of the ground water. This information should be useful particularly for land-use planning and the utilization and protection of the ground-water resources.
Date: January 1977
Creator: Hurr, R. Theodore & Schneider, Paul A., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

EMSL 2006 Strategic Plan

Description: The 2006 EMSL Strategic Plan describes the elements of EMSL’s 5-year strategy to provide outstanding value to its user community and to meet evolving goals of the DOE Office of Biological Research.
Date: December 21, 2005
Creator: Campbell, Allison A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Program Plan for Renewable Energy generation of electricity. Response to Section 2111 of the Energy Policy Act of 1992

Description: A 5-Year Program Plan for providing cost-effective options for generating electricity from renewable energy sources is presented by the US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The document covers the Utility-Sector situation, scope of the program, specific generating technologies, and implementation of the program plan.
Date: December 1, 1994
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The evolution of the US ESCO industry: From ESCO to SuperESCO

Description: As the restructuring of the U.S. electric utility industry proceeds, utility companies are expected to be either competing or partnering with Super ESCOs to provide energy-efficiency services and energy to utility customers. In this paper, Super ESCOs and utilities were interviewed to see how these organizations are currently interacting and planning to interact in the future. As part of this investigation, the types of products and services Super ESCOs will be providing in the future and how utility restructuring will affect their business were examined.
Date: October 1, 1998
Creator: Vine, E.; Nakagami, Hidetoshi & Murakoshi, Chiharu
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Corrective Action Planning for Environmental Compliance Deficiencies

Description: Effective corrective action planning is one of the cornerstones of an effective environmental management program. Alternatively, ineffective planning can highlight an installation`s unwillingness or inability to effectively address environmental compliance deficiencies. The following paper discusses several guidelines to consider in corrective action planning to ensure that plans benefit rather than harm an installation`s overall environmental management program.
Date: December 31, 1995
Creator: Sigmon, C.F., Ashburn, S.A., Jolley, R.L., Smith, A.A. & Mercer, A.E., Oeulette, B., Renz, K., Scott, S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Assessment of Community Planning for Mass Transit, Volume 3: Boston Case Study

Description: One of nine studies done by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) assessing community planning for mass transit. The report identifies "the factors that help communities, facing critical technological choices, make wise decisions that are consistent with local and national goals for transit" (vii).
Date: February 1976
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program FY98

Description: The Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL or Berkeley Lab) Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program FY 1998 report is compiled from annual reports submitted by principal investigators following the close of the fiscal year. This report describes the supported projects and summarizes their accomplishments. It constitutes a part of the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program planning and documentation process that includes an annual planning cycle, projection selection, implementation, and review. The LBNL LDRD program is a critical tool for directing the Laboratory's forefront scientific research capabilities toward vital, excellent, and emerging scientific challenges. The program provides the resources for LBNL scientists to make rapid and significant contributions to critical national science and technology problems. The LDRD program also advances LBNL's core competencies, foundations, and scientific capability, and permits exploration of exciting new opportunities. All projects are work in forefront areas of science and technology. Areas eligible for support include the following: Advanced study of hypotheses, concepts, or innovative approaches to scientific or technical problems; Experiments and analyses directed toward ''proof of principle'' or early determination of the utility of new scientific ideas, technical concepts, or devices; and Conception and preliminary technical analyses of experimental facilities or devices.
Date: February 5, 1999
Creator: Hansen, T. & Chartock, M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

California's electricity system of the future scenario analysis in support of public-interest transmission system R&D planning

Description: The California Energy Commission directed the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions to analyze possible future scenarios for the California electricity system and assess transmission research and development (R&D) needs, with special emphasis on prioritizing public-interest R&D needs, using criteria developed by the Energy Commission. The scenarios analyzed in this report are not predictions, nor do they express policy preferences of the project participants or the Energy Commission. The public-interest R&D needs that are identified as a result of the analysis are one input that will be considered by the Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research staff in preparing a transmission R&D plan.
Date: April 1, 2003
Creator: Eto, Joseph & Stovall, John P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Mass Market Demand Response and Variable Generation Integration Issues: A Scoping Study

Description: This scoping study focuses on the policy issues inherent in the claims made by some Smart Grid proponents that the demand response potential of mass market customers which is enabled by widespread implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through the Smart Grid could be the “silver bullet” for mitigating variable generation integration issues. In terms of approach, we will: identify key issues associated with integrating large amounts of variable generation into the bulk power system; identify demand response opportunities made more readily available to mass market customers through widespread deployment of AMI systems and how they can affect the bulk power system; assess the extent to which these mass market Demand Response (DR) opportunities can mitigate Variable Generation (VG) integration issues in the near-term and what electricity market structures and regulatory practices could be changed to further expand the ability for DR to mitigate VG integration issues over the long term; and provide a qualitative comparison of DR and other approaches to mitigate VG integration issues.
Date: September 10, 2011
Creator: Cappers, Peter; Mills, Andrew; Goldman, Charles; Wiser, Ryan & Eto, Joseph H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: This paper addresses the energy-related acti ties in the Pacific Coastal Zone within the context of the absence of a coastal-specific energy policy. First, the present and projected coastal energy activities are described in order to establish a perspective of the importance of the coastal zone to energy development. transport, and use. Next, the state and federal decision-making processes relevant to coastal energy activities are summarized for the purpose of defining the institutional framework that has been constructed to respond to coastal energy issues. Finally, the functional areas not currently being adequately addressed are identified; and an associate role, which ensures both comprehensive evaluation and sound development of regional coastal energy resources, is defined for the DOE Office of Environment.
Date: September 1, 1980
Creator: Ritschard, Ronald L.; Haven, Kendall F. & Cherniss, Jennifer
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

PACE and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

Description: The FHFA regulates Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks (the government-sponsored enterprises - GSEs). On June 18, 2009, James B. Lockhart III, then Director of FHFA, released a letter expressing concern about the negative impact of energy loan tax assessment programs (ELTAPs) - also known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs - on both the housing finance system and homeowner program participants. Subsequently, a number of PACE proponents responded to the concerns laid out in the FHFA letter. In early Fall 2009, word circulated that FHFA was planning to follow its June letter with guidance to other agencies, possibly including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, discouraging them from buying loans on properties subject to PACE-type assessment liens. This triggered a second round of stakeholder letters, several of which were addressed to President Obama. On October 18, 2009, the White House, in what some believe was an attempt to obviate the need for FHFA guidance, released a Policy Framework for PACE Financing Programs that outlined best practices guidance for homeowner and lender protection. As of February 2010, FHFA and the GSEs have agreed to monitor PACE programs and work with stakeholders and the Administration to consider additional guidance beyond the Policy Framework and to collect more information on PACE program efficacy and risks. A summary of the communications timeline and highlights of the communications are provided.
Date: March 17, 2010
Creator: Zimring, Mark & Fuller, Merrian
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: The Department of Energy (DOE) distributes small grants for alternative energy projects through their Appropriate Energy Technology (AET) Grants Program. This program extends to the western Pacific, where DOE has given 15 grants for projects in American Samoa the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands, (CMI), Guam, and the Trust Territory of the Paclfic. Average grant size is $12.5K. Projects in Guam and the CMI include two solar systems for hot water heating, a typhoon-proof greenhouse, and a methane digester in Guam, and three educational projects for solar water heating and distilling, wind water pumping, and methane generating in the CMI. Some of the projects are succesful but others are having difficulties because of particular regional engineering problems (corrosion, typhoons, construction logistics, materials, lack of technicians). Historically, federal grants are not always in harmony with western Pacific cultures, and AET grants should be distributed with a sensitivity toward long range effects.
Date: June 1, 1980
Creator: Case, Charles W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Understanding Bulk Power Reliability: The Importance of Good Data and A Critical Review of Existing Sources

Description: Bulk power system reliability is of critical importance to the electricity sector. Complete and accurate information on events affecting the bulk power system is essential for assessing trends and efforts to maintain or improve reliability. Yet, current sources of this information were not designed with these uses in mind. They were designed, instead, to support real-time emergency notification to industry and government first-responders. This paper reviews information currently collected by both industry and government sources for this purpose and assesses factors that might affect their usefulness in supporting the academic literature that has relied upon them to draw conclusions about the reliability of the US electric power system.
Date: October 19, 2011
Creator: Fisher, Emily; Eto, Joseph H. & LaCommare, Kristina Hamachi
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department