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Extraction of Zirconium and Hafnium with Various Fluorinated [beta]-Diketones

Description: Abstract: "The distribution ratios and equilibrium constants for the extraction of zirconium and hafnium from 4 M perchloric acid with various combinations of fluorinated [beta]-diketones and organic solvents have been determined. The separation factors K'Zr/K'HF, found for this acidity were: Z-thenoyltrifluoroacetone in benzene, 25; Z-thenoyltrifluoroacetone in o-dichlorobenzene, 16; benzoyltrifluoroacetone in benzene, 18; isovaleroyltrifluoroacetone in benzene, 13; isovaleroyltrifluoroacetone in n-hexane, 13."
Date: April 5, 1954
Creator: Huffman, E. H.; Iddings, G. M; Osborne, R. N. & Shalimoff, G. V.
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Experiments on Polarization in Scatterig Deuterons from Complex Nuclei and in Proton-Proton Scattering (Thesis)

Description: Abstract: "The elastic double scattering of deuterons by complex nuclei has been investigated experimentally. Measurements were made on carbon, aluminum, and copper at around 157 Mev; on lithium, beryllium, and carbon at around 125 Mev; and on carbon and aluminum at 94 Mev. The expected tensor components of the deuteron polarization have not been observed. Measurements have been made of the differential cross section and vector-type polarization as a function of angle for the scattering of deuterons from the above elements, at the above energies. The observed polarizations were larger than would be expected on the basis of the individual nucleon-nucleus interactions. In a second experiment we measured the 169-Mev proton-proton polarization at 10, 15, 22.5, 30, and 35 in the laboratory system. The results indicate that partial waves up to and including L = 3 are important at this energy."
Date: May 11, 1956
Creator: Baldwin, John Arnold
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Elastic Scattering of 14 Mev Neutrons (Theoretical Curves)

Description: Abstract: "Theoretical differential cross-sections computed from the optical model for 14 Mev neutrons are presented for a large number of nuclei. The parameters used for the calculations were selected on the basis of best fit to existing experimental data."
Date: July 1957
Creator: Bjorklund, F. & Fernbach, Sidney, 1917-1991
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Fast Neutron Effects on Du Pont 1290 Film

Description: Abstract: "Fast neutron effects on a widely used x-ray film have been investigated. The neutron flux was provided by the (d, t) reaction of a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator. Integrated exposures to 10-10 n/cm-2 were given the film. It was found that perturbations on film that were pre-exposed to Co-60 gamma rays from 10 to 2000 r were negligible. Simultaneous exposure of neutrons plus gammas also indicated negligible effect on the film insofar as the gamma dose was concerned."
Date: June 13, 1958
Creator: Block, Seymour & Hughes, Lewis
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Effect of a Decelerating Grid on Current from an Ion Source

Description: Abstract: "A theoretical criterion is given for the conditions under which the ions from an ion source may be decelerated by a decelerating grid, following the accelerating grid which extracts ions from the emitter, without causing a reduction in the current supplied by the source."
Date: February 23, 1955
Creator: Bing, George F., 1924-; Gardner, C. S. & Northrop, Theodore G.
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An "Exact" Analysis of a Cylindrical Plasma in a Magnetic Field

Description: Abstract: "The analysis of an immobilized plasma is here extended to the case where the geometry is cylindrical rather than Cartesian. (This report, UCRL-4439 (Rev, 4 constitutes Part II of the report series (UCRL-4466, Parts I, III, and IV) dealing with this general problem.)"
Date: January 14, 1955
Creator: Tonks, Lewi, 1897-1971
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Energy Transfer Between Modified Maxwell Distributions

Description: Abstract: "A particularly conventional modified form of Maxwell distribution is chosen. The modified expressions for (a) the energy transfer from the ions to the electrons in a plasma and (b) the brehmestrahlung from the electrons are calculated. Using the expressions some possible steady-state conditions for the ion and electron gases are derived and compared with those for the usual Maxwell distributions."
Date: September 20, 1956
Creator: Greyber, Howard D. & Bing, G.
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An Exact Analysis of Limited Plane Plasma in a Magnetic Field

Description: Introduction: "Prior analyses of a plasma in a magnetic field have been limited, as far as the writer is aware, to cases in which the relative change in field over the orbital distance and the relative change in ion concentration are both small, or in which the relations have been viewed in a purely hydrodynamical way. The first approach excludes cases which can be of considerable interests, for it fails near a plasma edge. The second loses all sight of the structure imposed by the orbital motions."
Date: December 2, 1954
Creator: Tonks, Lewi, 1897-1971
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Excitation Functions for Reactions of Bev Protons on Indium (Master's Thesis)

Description: Abstract: "Indium was bombarded with protons in the energy range 2 to 6 Bev. Cross sections are reported for the (p,px+), (p,pn), and (p,p') reactions, as well as those for the formation of Be-7 and several neutron deficient isotopes of cadmium and indium. It was found that the (p,pn) yield increases slowly in the energy range 2 to 6 Bev, while the (p,px+) and (p,p') yields are approximately constant. The variation of the (p,pn) and (p,px+) yields with target thickness is discussed. The yields of several isomeric levels are correlated with their nuclear spin."
Date: January 1957
Creator: Nethaway, David Robert
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High Energy Fission and Spallation of Uranium

Description: From introduction: "This report is an attempt to examine, semiquantitavely, the way the competition between neutron emission and fission varies for heavy nuclei as a function of nuclear type and excitation energy. Many of the ideas herein are the results of discussions with R. H. Goeckermann and W. Heckrotte of the University of California Radiation Laboratory."
Date: February 25, 1954
Creator: Batzel, Roger Elwood
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High Pressure Low Resistance Joint

Description: The following report describes the usage of tin-foil to obtain a mechanical joint of low electrical resistance while providing a seal to hold water at a pressure of 300 psi.
Date: March 28, 1955
Creator: Peters, Ralph
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Electron-Population Analysis and the Dipole Moment of the LiH ¹Σ⁺ Excited State / A.M. Karo

Description: Abstract: "Detailed consideration is given to some properties of the first excited electronic state. Following the analysis proposed bv Mulliken, SCF LCAO-MO coefficients are used to obtain qualitative information about the electron distributions. Comparison is made with earlier work with respect to the description of the excited-state dipole moment, the effective electric moment between the ground and excited states is also calculated. From this, the oscillator strength for the first allowed transition is computed as a function of the internuclear distance."
Date: July 1959
Creator: Karo, Arnold M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Electrostatic Potential About an Atomic Nucleus in an Ionized Gas

Description: From introduction: "The object of this paper is to derive a simple approximate expression for the average potential about an atomic nucleus in an ionized gas. It was desired that the expression be simple in the sense that its analytic form would be convenient in Born approximation calculations. It was also desired that the results would be valid over a large range of temperature and density for all elements with perhaps the exception of those with low atomic number."
Date: June 1958
Creator: Kidder, R. E.
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The Elimination of Microwave Reflections

Description: Abstract: "The reflections of microwaves from the walls of a plasma-containing vessel are studied. The probable cause of the reflections is discussed, and several suggestions are made for eliminating the reflections from the waveguide in the vessel and particularly from the pyrex vessel wall and copper tubing surrounding the pyrex. Quarter-wave-thick carbon-filled plastics or glasses having a very low vapor pressure room most promising when placed inside the pyrex cylinder. BaTiO3 appears to be an excellent material when placed outside the vacuum."
Date: February 1, 1955
Creator: Beard, David
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Energy-Dependent Albedo

Description: From abstract: "Within the framework of age theory an expression is developed which represents the probability of a neutron being reflected with an energy loss corresponding to age, v, as a function of reflector thickness."
Date: September 20, 1954
Creator: Drummond, William Eckel.
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Energetic Neutral Injection into Thermonuclear Machines

Description: Abstract: "A scheme is discussed in which D+ ions would be accelerated to about 100 kev in a conventional accelerator, then be sent through a gas target frmo which about half the ions would emerge neutral with very little scattering or energy loss; the neutral beam would then cross into a magnetic field and part of the atoms would be ionized and trapped by colliding with the already trapped ions. The smallest mirror machine with a central field of 30-40 kilogauss, 2;1 mirror ratio and β = 01 to 0.5 that would trap most of the neutral beam in the steady state, would be about a meter in diameter and require the order of hundreds of amperes of D+ ions into the neutralizer. The smallest stellerator with a field of 30 kilogauss and β = 0.1 that would trap most of the neutral beam would be about a meter long and require about 10 amperes of D+ ions. A preliminary mirror machine experiment that might be done using the 1/2-ampere, 100-kev D+ beam from the UCRL spare MTA injector is discussed. A method of starting these machine is discussed."
Date: August 10, 1955
Creator: Lauer, Eugene J.
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An Enhanced Magnetic Mirror Machine

Description: Abstract: "A dc magnetic mirror machine has been built and tested by the ARC Research Group. Radiofrequency enhancement has been included in the design through the use of rf plates in the vacuum chamber of the machine. For the proton beams of the order of 1[mu]a, the mirror action has been observed as a function of both the rf voltage and the magnitude of the mirror field relative to the main magnetic field. Current measurements were performed with the aid of a Faraday cup with suitable bias grids."
Date: July 15, 1954
Creator: Ford, Franklin C.
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