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Oral History Interview with Charlie Cole, March 5, 1985

Description: Interview with county adult probation officer and former member of the North Texas State College football team Charlie Cole Jr., from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Cole recollects thoughts and memories from when he was a student at the college during the desegregation of athletics in 1956.
Date: March 5, 1985
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Cole, Charlie
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with Arthur and Louise Caillet Dieterich, August 11, 1985

Description: Interview with Arthur and Louise Caillet Dieterich, owners and operators of Hermosa Farms, Dallas, Texas. The interview includes the Dieterich's personal experiences about farming in Dallas, education, and establishing Hermosa Farms. The Dieterich's talk about their family backgrounds, Arthur's employment as operator of dairy cooperative with his brother in El Paso, Texas, the effect of the Great Depression on Dallas dairy businesses, milk processing and delivery operations, a typical day on a dairy farm, their change from retail to wholesale business, developing dairy herd, their cooperation with agricultural experiment stations, personnel practices, and civic and trade association activities. The interview includes an appendix with a family history written by Louise Caillet Dieterich.
Date: August 11, 1985
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd & Dieterich, Arthur
Partner: UNT Oral History Program

Oral History Interview with Jess Stanbrough, April 15, 1985

Description: Interview with Jess Stanbrough, physicist, businessman, Army veteran, and member of the "Lost Battalion." The interview includes Stanbrough's personal experiences about being a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II, the Fall of Java and being captured, and Bicycle Camp. Stanbrough also talks about the construction and operation of secret radio at Bicycle Camp, being an iron smelter at Kamaishi, Honshu, continued operation of clandestine radio, American air and naval bombardment, Kamaishi, and liberation.
Date: April 15, 1985
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Stanbrough, Jess
Partner: UNT Oral History Program