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The Near-Death Experience and the Taoism of Chuang Tzu

Description: Article comparing excerpts from Chuang Tzu's writings and the descriptions of near-death experiencers (NDErs). Similarities between the beliefs of NDErs and those of Taoist patriarch Chuang Tzu suggest that NDErs have experienced a kind of awakening that leads them to reject conventional attitudes toward life and death.
Date: Spring 1990
Creator: Hermann, E. J.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Guest Editorial: A New Book of the Dead: Reflections on the Near-Death Experience and the Tibetan Buddhist Tradtion Regarding the Nature of Death

Description: Article offering a comparison of historical cases of Tibetan near-death experiences (NDEs) and contemporary Western accounts. A tradition of NDEs in Tibetan culture, the das-log experience, affords such a comparison. Modern NDEs differ from das-log experiences in ways that reflect their cultural context and may provide the foundation for a new Book of the Dead especially fitted to the existential and planetary concerns of modern time.
Date: Winter 1993
Creator: Ring, Kenneth
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Nature and Therapeutic Implications of the Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved

Description: Article highlighting the types of contacts from a deceased loved on or a divine being reported, messages claimants believe are recieved, changes in death perceptions, and the therapeutic potential of the experience for coping with the death of a loved one. Much of the material is based on a workshop given by the author throughout the United States.
Date: Autumn 2005
Creator: LaGrand, Louis E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Paradox of Jonah: Response to "Solving the Riddle of Frightening Near-Death Experiences"

Description: Article contending that Kenneth Ring's arguments are the same that have been used by skeptics to question the validity of the radiant near-death experience (NDE); that as they have been found inadequate there, so they do not adequately address the meaning or value of the terrifying experience; and that experiences of the depths may be equally productive and as worthy of serious study as are experiences of radiance.
Date: Autumn 1994
Creator: Bush, Nancy Evans
Partner: UNT Libraries

Reincarnation Beliefs Among Near-Death Experiencers

Description: Study designed to examine the factors underlying an increase in belief in reincarnation following near-death experiences, using a questionnaire to compare the tendency toward belief in reincarnation among NDErs, individuals merely interested in NDEs, and a non-experiencer, non-interest control group.
Date: Autumn 1993
Creator: Wells, Amber D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Editorial: Can Science Explain the Near Death Experience?

Description: Article discussing empirical questions about near-death experiences (NDEs) that can be explored by the scientific method. Scientific study poses risks both to NDErs and to our understanding of the NDE itself. However, because the NDE allows unique access to information about consciousness and death, those risks are outweighed by the benefits to NDErs and to humanity derived from a scientific description of NDErs.
Date: Winter 1989
Creator: Greyson, Bruce
Partner: UNT Libraries

Prophetic Visions in 1988: A Critical Reappraisal

Description: Paper reviewing the research into a specific aspect of near-death experiences (NDEs): the prophetic vision (PV). PVs are subjectively compelling flashforwards of planetary-wide cataclysms and eventual regeneration that sometimes occur during or in the immediate aftermath of an NDE.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Ring, Kenneth
Partner: UNT Libraries

Guest Editorial: Is Ten Years a Life Review?

Description: Article looking back on the author's ten years of involvement with near-death studies and with the International Association for Near-Death Studies, reviewing some of the major questions and accomplishments of that decade both in understanding of the near-death experience and in service as an organization.
Date: Autumn 1991
Creator: Bush, Nancy Evans
Partner: UNT Libraries

Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind: A Study of Apparent Eyeless Vision

Description: Article reporting the results of an investigation into near-death and out-of-body experiences in 31 blind respondents. The study sought to address three main questions: (1) whether blind individuals have near-death experiences (NDEs) and, if so, whether they are the same as or different from those of sighted persons; (2) whether blind persons ever claim to see during NDEs and out-of-body experiences (OBEs); and (3) if such claims are made, whether they can ever be corroborated by reference to independent evidence.
Date: Winter 1997
Creator: Ring, Kenneth & Cooper, Sharon
Partner: UNT Libraries