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Primary view of [Program for Magic in Music]
North Texas State College
January 15, 1948
Primary view of [Program for John Charles Thomas]
North Texas State College
January 12, 1948
Primary view of [Dolly's Brother Dicky Paper Doll Sheet]
unknown creator
January 1910
Primary view of Quantitative estimation of closed cell porosity in low density ceramic composites using X-ray microtomography
Smith, J. D.; Garcia, C.; Rodriguez, J. & Scharf, T. W.
January 4, 2023
Primary view of Error and optimism bias regularization
Sohaee, Nassim
January 28, 2023
Primary view of A gene based combination test using GWAS summary data
Zhang, Jianjun; Liang, Xiaoyu; Gonzales, Samantha; Liu, Jianguo; Gao, Xiaoyi Raymond & Wang, Xuexia
January 3, 2023
Primary view of Metabolic reprogramming underlies cavefish muscular endurance despite loss of muscle mass and contractility
Olsen, Luke; Levy, Michaella; Medley, J. Kyle; Hassan, Huzaifa; Miller, Brandon; Alexander, Richard et al.
January 24, 2023
Primary view of Modulating Uranium Extraction Performance of Multivariate Covalent Organic Frameworks through Donor–Acceptor Linkers and Amidoxime Nanotraps
Hao, Mengjie; Xie, Yinghui; Liu, Xiaolu; Chen, Zhongshan; Yang, Hui; Waterhouse, Geoffrey I. N. et al.
January 4, 2023
Primary view of A Shannon-Theoretic Approach to the Storage–Retrieval Trade-Off in PIR Systems
Tian, Chao; Sun, Hua & Chen, Jun
January 11, 2023
Primary view of Mapping Health Fragility and Vulnerability in Air Pollution–Monitoring Networks in Dallas–Fort Worth
Northeim, Kari & Oppong, Joseph R.
January 18, 2023
Primary view of Subjective Functional Difficulties and Subjective Cognitive Decline in Older-Age Adults: Moderation by Age Cohorts and Mediation by Mentally Unhealthy Days
Komalasari, Renata; Mpofu, Elias; Prybutok, Gayle & Ingman, Stanley R.
January 16, 2023
Primary view of Measuring flexibility: A text-mining approach
Grajzel, Katalin; Acar, Selcuk; Dumas, Denis; Organisciak, Peter & Berthiaume, Kelly
January 18, 2023
Primary view of Progress in understanding and improving oil content and quality in seeds
Sagun, Julius Ver; Yadav, Umesh P. & Alonso, Ana Paula
January 26, 2023
Primary view of A metabolomic platform to identify and quantify polyphenols in coffee and related species using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
Castro-Moretti, Fernanda R.; Cocuron, Jean-Christophe; Castillo-Gonzalez, Humberto; Escudero-Leyva, Efrain; Chaverri, Priscila; Guerreiro-Filho, Oliveiro et al.
January 6, 2023
Primary view of Scientists warning on the ecological effects of radioactive leaks on ecosystems
Bonacic, Cristián; Medellin, Rodrigo A.; Ripple, William; Sukumar, Raman; Ganswindt, Andre; Padua, Suzana M. et al.
January 20, 2023
Primary view of Post-imprinting modification: electrochemical and scanning electrochemical microscopy studies of a semi-covalently surface imprinted polymer
Kalecki, Jakub; Cieplak, Maciej; Iskierko, Z.; Piechowska, Joanna; Nogala, Wojciech; D'Souza, Francis et al.
January 25, 2023
Primary view of An investigation of steric influence on the reactivity of FeV(O)(OH) tautomers in stereospecific C–H hydroxylation
Mitra, Mainak; Brinkmeier, Alexander; Li, Yong; Borrell, Margarida; Call, Arnau; Fillol, Julio Lloret et al.
January 5, 2023
Primary view of Can Market-Oriented Reform of Agricultural Subsidies Promote the Growth of Agricultural Green Total Factor Productivity? Empirical Evidence from Maize in China
Ye, Feng; Yang, Zhongna; Yu, Mark; Watson, Susan & Lovell, Ashley
January 20, 2023
Primary view of Seizing the moment—Strategy, social entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of impact
Williams, Trenton Alma; Nason, Robert; Wolfe, Marcus T. & Short, Jeremy C.
January 30, 2023
Primary view of Preparation of a strong, high prepressing intensity, and multifunction soybean protein adhesive by using hyperbranched functional polymer
Liu, Zheng; Liu, Tao; Zhang, Jieyu; Li, Yue; Luo, Jing; Li, Jianzhang et al.
January 9, 2023
Primary view of Role of heterophase interfaces on local coercivity mechanisms in the magnetic Al0.3CoFeNi complex concentrated alloy
Kovács, András; Venkataraman, Nithin B.; Chaudhary, V.; Dasari, Sriswaroop; Denneulin, Thibaud; Ramanujan, R. V. et al.
January 10, 2023
Primary view of Detection of DDoS Attack in Software-Defined Networking Environment and Its Protocol-wise Analysis using Machine Learning
Prasad, Ashwani; Prasad, Sanjana; Arockiasamy, Karmel; P, Karthika & Yuan, Xiaohui
January 10, 2022
Primary view of Cultural and Social Factors in Care Delivery Among African American Caregivers of Persons With Dementia: A Scoping Review
Imoh, Udoh Idorenyin & Charity, Tinofirei
January 25, 2022
Primary view of [Wanted Poster: Walter Rifenberg, Lancaster, Nebraska, January 21, 1917]
Fenton, W. T.
January 21, 1917
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