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Primary view of [Report of Horses by Company F for May 1864]
unknown creator
May 30, 1864
Primary view of [Report of Horses for June 1864]
unknown creator
June 30, 1864
Primary view of Descriptions of Fourteen New Species and One New Genus of North American Mammals
Merriam, C. Hart
October 30, 1889
Primary view of Results of a Biological Reconnoissance of South-Central Idaho
Merriam, C. Hart & Stejneger, Leonhard
July 30, 1891
Primary view of Synopsis of the Weasels of North America
Merriam, C. Hart
June 30, 1896
Primary view of A Review of the American Moles
Jackson, Hartley H. T.
September 30, 1915
Primary view of Measurement and Specification of the Physical Factors Which Determine the Saturation of Certain Tints of Yellow
Priest, Irwin G. & Peters, Chauncey G.
June 30, 1917
Primary view of Revision of the American Lemming Mice (Genus Synaptomys)
Howell, A. Brazier
June 30, 1927
Primary view of A Preliminary Investigation of Supercharging an Air-Cooled Engine in Flight
Ware, Marsden & Schey, Oscar W.
July 30, 1927
Primary view of The Measurement of Maximum Cylinder Pressures
Hicks, Chester W.
March 30, 1928
Primary view of The quiescent-chamber type compression-ignition engine
Foster, H. H.
April 30, 1936
Primary view of The Column Strength of Two Extruded Aluminum-Alloy H-Sections
Osgood, William R. & Holt, Marshall
September 30, 1938
Primary view of High-Speed Tests of Conventional Radial-Engine Cowlings
Robinson, Russell G. & Becker, John V.
March 30, 1939
Primary view of Determination of optimum plan forms for control surfaces
Jones, Robert T. & Cohen, Doris
January 30, 1941
Primary view of Pressure distribution over an NACA 23012 airfoil with a fixed slot and a slotted flap
Harris, Thomas A. & Lowry, John G.
July 30, 1941
Primary view of An Attempted Separation of Mercury Isotopes
Kauzmann, Walter, 1916-
April 30, 1942
Primary view of A Colorimetric Method
Priest, H. F. & Priest, G. I.
June 30, 1943
Primary view of Polarographic Determination of Uranium in Dust Samples
Smith, Stanton B.
August 30, 1943
Primary view of Neutron Measurements with Cadmium Coated Chambers
Wilson, H. A.
September 30, 1943
Primary view of A summary of the fission product metabolism studies up to March 1944
unknown creator
March 30, 1944
Primary view of Determination on Neutron Density With Bismuth Foils : Final Report - Problem Assignment 131 - X21P
Curtiss, Leon Francis, 1895-
May 30, 1944
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a 1/20-Scale Powered Model of a Four-Engine Transport Airplane
Stevens, Victor I.; Douglass, William M. & Dods, Jules B., Jr.
May 30, 1944
Primary view of Explosives-TNX Technical Division, Hanford weekly report for period ending August 29, 1944
Worthington, H.
August 30, 1944
Primary view of Characteristics of a standard tube
Drew, Thomas B.
September 30, 1944
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