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Heat Transfer in Nonisothermal Liquid Injection Experiments in Porous Media

Description: This paper discusses an analysis of the heat transfer phenomena in the bench-scale experiments being carried out in the Stanford Geothermal Program. The basis of this analysis was a series of simplified mathematical models of heat and mass transport in fine-grained porous media. The analysis determined that the thermal capacity of the coreholder system caused heat losses from the core which were not steady at early and medium times. This phenomenon had not been recognized previously. This was in spite of the fact that various authors previously had attempted to match the experimental behavior under discussion with their sophisticated computer models. These computer models did not account for the transient nature of the heat losses from the core. 8 refs., 3 figs.
Date: December 3, 1976
Creator: Atkinson, Paul G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Geothermal Energy Development

Description: The Nation has embarked on an aggressive program to develop its indigenous resources of geothermal energy. For more than a decade, geothermal energy has been heralded as one of the more promising forms of energy alternate to oil and gas for electric power generation, but during the last fifteen years, the total capacity in the U.S. has reached 502 MWe, about half the size of a single modern nuclear power plant. And yet, the United States, especially its western and Gulf coast states, is believed to possess a vast resource base of geothermal heat at depths up to 3 to 10 km. Many estimates of these potential resources suitable for the production of electric power have been published and they range over a spectrum of more than a factor of 100. This variation suggests that the potential is essentially unknown. Table 1 gives a range of published forecasts for the year 1985 and the equivalent potential in number of 1000 Mwe power plants and in oil consumption in millions of barrels per day. In view of the estimated construction of about 200 to 250 nuclear power reactors by 1985-90, the pessimistic forecasts clearly show that the contribution of geothermal energy to the Nation's energy supply may indeed be small. The optimistic forecasts represent more than 15% of the total electric power requirements estimated for the year 1985. The Task Force for Geothermal Energy, in the Federal Energy Administration Project Independence Blueprint report of November 1974, established a national goal for 1985 of 20,000 to 30,000 MWe, the latter value representing an equivalent energy supply of one million barrels of oil per day. This goal was clearly a compromise between what is worth a national effort and what might be realistically achieved. The potential for adding or replacing the equivalent of ...
Date: November 3, 1975
Creator: Kruger, Paul
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

CDC and PIN-CMOS Developments for Large Optical Telescope.

Description: Higher quantum efficiency in near-IR, narrower point spread function and higher readout speed than with conventional sensors have been receiving increased emphasis in the development of CCDs and silicon PIN-CMOS sensors for use in large optical telescopes. Some key aspects in the development of such devices are reviewed.
Date: April 3, 2006
Creator: Radeka, V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Future Trends in Microelectronics - Impact on Detector Readout.

Description: Mainstream CMOS is now a well-established detector readout technology. We review technology scaling trends and limits, the implementation of analog circuits in digital CMOS processes, and radiation resistance. Emphasis is placed on the growing importance of power dissipation in ultra-scaled technologies.
Date: April 3, 2006
Creator: O'connor, P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Final Report on the Construction of the HERS Endstation, September 1, 1996 - October 31, 1998

Description: The construction of the HERS endstation was successfully completed. The resolution of the photoemission apparatus is better than 7meV. The angular resolution is +0.15 degrees. The system has a high precision sample manipulator w/ five-degrees of freedom and a temperature range from 10 - 450 degrees K. The sample transfer system allows transfer of a sample from atmosphere onto the crystal @ 5x10 in less than 2 hrs.
Date: April 3, 2000
Creator: Kellar, S.A. Dr. & Shen, Z.X.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Second workshop geothermal reservoir engineering: Proceedings

Description: The Arab oil embargo of 1973 focused national attention on energy problems. A national focus on development of energy sources alternative to consumption of hydrocarbons led to the initiation of research studies of reservoir engineering of geothermal systems, funded by the National Science Foundation. At that time it appeared that only two significant reservoir engineering studies of geothermal reservoirs had been completed. Many meetings concerning development of geothermal resources were held from 1973 through the date of the first Stanford Geothermal Reservoir Engineering workshop December 15-17, 1975. These meetings were similar in that many reports dealt with the objectives of planned research projects rather than with results. The first reservoir engineering workshop held under the Stanford Geothermal Program was singular in that for the first time most participants were reporting on progress inactive research programs rather than on work planned. This was true for both laboratory experimental studies and for field experiments in producing geothermal systems. The Proceedings of the December 1975 workshop (SGP-TR-12) is a remarkable document in that results of both field operations and laboratory studies were freely presented and exchanged by all participants. With this in mind the second reservoir engineering workshop was planned for December 1976. The objectives were again two-fold. First, the workshop was designed as a forum to bring together researchers active in various physical and mathematical branches of the developing field of geothermal reservoir engineering, to give participants a current and updated view of progress being made in the field. The second purpose was to prepare this Proceedings of Summaries documenting the state of the art as of December 1976. The proceedings will be distributed to all interested members of the geothermal community involved in the development and utilization of the geothermal resources in the world. Many notable occurrences took place between the ...
Date: December 3, 1976
Creator: Kruger, P. & Ramey, H.J. Jr. (eds.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Energy changes in transforming solids. Final report, January 31, 1991--January 31, 1995

Description: The following topics are discussed: A new thermodynamical theory of continuum damage mechanics capable of incorporating non-isothermal processes and of providing explicit expressions for the thermal dissipation during damage evolution; the advancement of the methodology of heterogenization to analyze elastic bodies with defects; and investigations of bonded dissimilar piezoelectric half-spaces.
Date: April 3, 1995
Creator: Herrmann, G. & Barnett, D.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department