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Aspects of the coriolis interaction in U235

Description: We have performed three separate experiments at LBNL's 88-Inch Cyclotron over a period of several years in which {sup 235}U (thick target) was Coulomb-excited. It involved stand-alone experiments with Gammasphere and with the 8PI Spectrometer using {sup 136}Xe beams at 720 MeV, and a CHICO-Gammasphere experiment with an {sup 40}Ar beam at 180 MeV. In addition to extending the known negative-parity bands to high spin, we have assigned levels in some seven positive-parity bands which are in some cases (e.g. [631]1/2, [624]7/2 and [622]5/2) strongly populated by E3 excitation. The CHICO data has been analyzed to extract E2 and E3 matrix elements from the observed yields. Additionally, many E1 and M1 matrix elements could be extracted from the {gamma}-ray branching ratios.
Date: January 1, 2005
Creator: Ward, D.; Clark, R.M.; Cromaz, M.; Deleplanque, M.A.; Diamond, R.M.; Fallon, P. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department