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Primary view of The Flat Decay Phase in the Early X-Ray Afterglows of Swift GRBs
Granot, Jonathan
March 27, 2007
Primary view of The Structure and Dynamics of GRB Jets
Granot, Jonathan
October 25, 2006
Primary view of Distribution of Gamma-ray Burst Ejecta Energy with Lorentz Factor
Granot, Jonathan & Kumar, Pawan
October 7, 2005
Primary view of The Case for Anisotropic Afterglow Efficiency Within Gamma-Ray Burst Jets
Eichler, David; Negev, /Ben Gurion U. of; Granot, Jonathan & /KIPAC, Menlo Park
October 5, 2005
Primary view of Opacity Build-up in Impulsive Relativistic Sources
Granot, Jonathan; Cohen-Tanugi, Johann & Silva, Eduardo do Couto e
September 28, 2007
Primary view of Smooth Light Curves from a Bumpy Ride: Relativistic Blast Wave Encounters a Density Jump
Nakar, Ehud; /Caltech; Granot, Jonathan & /KIPAC, Menlo Park
June 6, 2006
Primary view of Implications of the Early X-Ray Afterglow Light Curves of Swift GRBs
Granot, Jonathan; /KIPAC, Menlo Park; Konigl, Arieh; /Chicago U., Astron. Astrophys. Ctr. /Chicago U., EFI; Piran, Tsvi & U., /Hebrew
January 17, 2006
Primary view of A Compact Binary Merger Model for the Short, Hard GRB 050509b
Lee, William H.; /Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study /UNAM, Inst. Astron.; Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico; /Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study; Granot, Jonathan & /Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study /KIPAC, Menlo Park
June 15, 2005