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Primary view of Principals' Leadership Beliefs: Are Personal and Environmental Influences Related to Self-Efficacy?
Nye, Gary D.
December 2008
Primary view of EXERT and TEAM21: Partnerships for Professional Development
Adkison, Judith A.; Camp, William E. & Meeks, Bruce
Primary view of Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance and Speech/Language Disorders: Prevalence of the Dual Diagnoses in a School-Age Population
Silver, Kathi Olinsky
May 2000
Primary view of High School Teachers’ Perceptions Of Their Principals As Culturally Proficient Leaders
Owens Luper, Willene DeeAndra
December 2011
Primary view of Anti-bullying Policies And Practices In Texas Middle Schools
Robbins, Rosemary
December 2011
Primary view of Early College High School: Hispanic Students’ Perceptions and Experiences From a Texas Campus
Brenner, Rose K.
May 2012
Primary view of Mentoring the first-year superintendent in Texas public schools.
McNulty, Rock Edward
May 2002
Primary view of Government Funding and Regulation of a Texas Voucher Program
Morgan, Lisa Ann
August 2005
Primary view of Placement in the prekindergarten bilingual and English as a second language programs as a predictor of reading achievement of 3rd grade students.
Vannoy, Martha
December 2004
Primary view of Parental Understanding of Discipline Issues, Functional Behavioral Assessment, and Behavior Intervention Plans: Using a State-wide Survey to Examine Parents' Reports Related to Discipline
Davison, Lisa R.
August 2005
Primary view of The Reading Together™ cross-age tutoring program and its effects on the English language proficiency and reading achievement of English language learners.
Jennings, Cheryl
December 2004
Primary view of The Role of Social Integration in the Persistence of African American Men in College
Garrett-Spencer, Jacqueline
May 2011
Primary view of A Legal Analysis of Litigation Against Oklahoma Educators and School Districts under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act
Lacefield, Kevin Lee
May 2010
Primary view of A study of the relationships between personality as indicated by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and leadership strengths and weaknesses as identified by Skillscope
Cunnyngham, Hal F.
May 2001
Primary view of Predicting student performance on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills Exit Level Exam: Predictor modeling through logistic regression.
Rambo, James R.
August 2004
Primary view of The Effects of Teacher Certification on Freshman High School Students' Algebra I Achievement
Ringrose, Laura Chamberlin
May 2004
Primary view of The High School Associate Principal: Case Studies of an Emerging Role in Educational Leadership and Administration
Fox, Kenneth F.
December 2010
Primary view of School Authority Over Off-Campus Student Expression in the Electronic Age: Finding a Balance Between a Student's Constitutional Right to Free Speech and the Interest of Schools in Protecting School Personnel and Other Students from Cyber Bullying, Defamation, and Abuse
Dryden, Joe
December 2010
Primary view of The relationship between the TeacherInsight™ interview scores and student performance as measured by the Texas Growth Index.
Koerner, Robert Jacob
August 2007
Primary view of Perceptions of importance of diagnostic competencies among educational diagnosticians.
Cavin, Lisa Lyle
May 2007
Primary view of Practices and Policies in High Schools to Prevent Educator-to-Student sexual Misconduct: A Principal's Study of Knowledge and Experiences
Spain, Carolyn
December 2010
Primary view of Attrition Rates of Teachers Trained in Alternative Teacher Certification Programs, Those Trained in the Centers for the Professional Development of Teachers, and Those Trained in Traditional University Programs.
Harris, Steven A.
May 2002
Primary view of A study of computer technology use and technology leadership of Texas elementary public school principals.
Weber, Mark J.
May 2006
Primary view of The Effects of the Recapture Provision of Senate Bill 7 of 1993 Upon the Quality of Schools: an Analysis of Perceptions of Administrators in Both Chapter 41 and Chapter 42 Schools.
Warren, Susanne Steele
August 2008