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Observation of the Rare Decay B+ \to K+pi0pi0 and Measurement of the Quasi-two Body Contributions B+ \to K*(892)+pi0, B+ \to f0(980)K+ and B+ \to chic0K+

Description: We report an analysis of charmless hadronic decays of charged B mesons to the final state K{sup +}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}, using a data sample of (470.9 {+-} 2.8) x 10{sup 6} B{bar B} events collected with the BABAR detector at the {Gamma}(4S) resonance. We observe an excess of signal events, with a significance above 10 standard deviations including systematic uncertainties, and measure the branching fraction and CP asymmetry to be {Beta}(B{sup +} {yields} K{sup +}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}) = (16.2 {+-} 1.2 {+-} 1.5) x 10{sup -6} and A{sub CP}(B{sup +} {yields} K{sup +}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}) = -0.06 {+-} 0.06 {+-} 0.04, where the uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively. Additionally, we study the contributions of the B{sup +} {yields} K{sup +}(892){sup +}{pi}{sup 0}, B{sup +} {yields} f{sub 0}(980)K{sup +}, and B{sup +} {yields} {chi}{sub c0}K{sup +} quasi-two-body decays. We report the world's best measurements of the branching fraction and CP asymmetry of the B{sup +} {yields} K{sup +}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0} and B{sup +} {yields} K{sup +}(892){sup +}{pi}{sup 0} channels.
Date: December 13, 2011
Creator: Lees, J.P.; Poireau, V.; Tisserand, V.; /Annecy, LAPP; Garra Tico, J.; Grauges, E. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Search for b\to u Transitions in \Bz \to \Dz \Kstarz Decays

Description: We present a study of the decays B{sup 0} {yields} D{sup 0} K*{sup 0} and B{sup 0} {yields} {bar D}{sup 0} K*{sup 0} with K*{sup 0} {yields} K{sup +}{pi}{sup -}. The D{sup 0} and the {bar D}{sup 0} mesons are reconstructed in the final states f = K{sup +} {pi}{sup -}, K{sup +}{pi}{sup -}{pi}{sup 0}, K{sup +}{pi}{sup -}{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -} and their charge conjugates. Using a sample of 465 million B{bar B} pairs collected with the BABAR detector at PEP-II asymmetric-energy e{sup +}e{sup -} collider at SLAC, we measure the ratio R{sub ADS} {triple_bond} [{Lambda}({bar B}{sup 0} {yields} [f]{sub D}{bar K}*{sup 0}) + {Lambda}(B{sup 0} {yields} [{bar f}]{sub D}K*{sup 0})]/[{Lambda}({bar B}{sup 0} {yields} [{bar f}]{sub D}{bar K}*{sup 0}) + {Lambda}(B{sup 0} {yields} [f]{sub D}K*{sup 0})] for the three final states. We do not find significant evidence for a signal and set the following limits at 95% probability: R{sub ADS}(K{pi}) < 0.244, R{sub ADS}(K{pi}{pi}{sup 0}) < 0.181 and R{sub ADS}(K{pi}{pi}{pi}) < 0.391. From the combination of these three results, we find that the ratio r{sub S} between the b {yields} u and the b {yields} c amplitudes lies in the range [0.07; 0.41] at 95% probability.
Date: April 13, 2009
Creator: Aubert, B.; Bona, M.; Karyotakis, Y.; Lees, J.P.; Poireau, V.; Prencipe, E. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department