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Primary view of Vitrification of Rocky Flats ash followed by encapsulation in the Defense Waste Processing Facility
Becker, G.W. Jr. & McKibben, J.M.
June 1, 1996
Primary view of SRTC monthly report, May 1995
Ferrell, J.M.
May 1, 1995
Primary view of Waste vitrification projects throughout the US initiated by SRS
Jantzen, C.M.; Whitehouse, J.C.; Smith, M.E.; Ramsey, W.G. & Pickett, J.B.
May 1, 1996
Primary view of A transmission electron microscopy evaluation of solid-state upset welds in Type 304L stainless steel
Tosten, M.H.
September 8, 1995
Primary view of Vitrification of cesium-contaminated organic ion exchange resin
Sargent, T. N., Jr.
August 1, 1994
Primary view of Effects of periodic manual stirring and uranium addition on surrogate plutonium glass processing
Meaker, T.F.
September 13, 1996
Primary view of Glass composition development for stabilization of lead based paints
Marra, J.C.
October 1, 1996
Primary view of Distribution of radionuclides in L-Lake surface sediments phase 3
Dunn, D.L.
August 1, 1996
Primary view of Am/Cm target glass durability dependence on pH (U). Revision 1
Daniel, W.E. & Best, D.R.
March 1, 1996
Primary view of Use of a 2-inch, dual screen well to conduct aquifer tests in the upper and lower Lost lake aquifer zones: Western sector, A/M area, SRS
Hiergesell, R.A. & Novick, J.S.
September 1, 1996
Primary view of Vitrification of Three Low-Activity Radioactive Waste Streams from Hanford
Ferrara, D.M.; Crawford, C.L.; Ha, B.C. & Bibler, N.E.
September 1, 1998
Primary view of Application of a three-dimensional prognostic model during the ETEX real-time modeling exercise: Evaluation of results
Griggs, D.P.
May 1, 1997
Primary view of Design, operation, and evaluation of the transportable vitrification system
Zamecnik, J.R.; Young, S.R.; Hansen, E.K. & Whitehouse, J.C.
February 20, 1997
Primary view of Validation of DWPF MOG dynamics model -- Phase 1
Choi, A.S.
September 23, 1996
Primary view of Savannah River Site environmental data for 1995
Arnett, M.W.
December 31, 1995
Primary view of DWPF integrated cold runs revised technical bases for precipitate hydrolysis
Landon, L.F.
June 1, 1992
Primary view of Local Area Network Material Accounting System (LANMAS) Functions and Features Overview
Robichaux, J.J.
July 1, 1998
Primary view of Maximum total organic carbon limit for DWPF melter feed
Choi, A.S.
March 13, 1995
Primary view of Rheology enhancement for remediated PX6 melter feed
Marek, J.C. & Eibling, R.E.
August 23, 1996
Primary view of Backup power working group best practices handbook for maintenance and operation of engine generators, Volume 1. Revision 1
Gross, R.; Padgett, A.B.; Burrows, K.P.; Fairchild, P.N.; Lam, T. & Janes, J.
June 1, 1997
Primary view of Development of total uranium analytical method by L x-ray fluorescence
Dewberry, R.A.
September 18, 1996
Primary view of Rugged fiber optic probes and sampling systems for remote chemical analysis via the Raman technique
Nave, S.E.
July 1, 1996
Primary view of Parametric Thermal Analysis for Codisposal Waste Package Canister
Lee, S.Y. & Sindelar, R.L.
September 1, 1998
Primary view of Structural analysis of closure cap barriers: A pre-test study for the Bentonite Mat Demonstration Project
Gong, Chung
October 1, 1993