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The control of polycythemia by marrow inhibition

Description: Experimental use of sodium radiophosphate (P32)in treatment of polycythemia is described. Treatment history is 66 patients treated with P32 alone, 32 patients treated with P32 followed within 4 months by venesections, 21 patients treated with P32 followed more than 4 months later by venesections, 6 patients treated exclusively by venesections, and 9 patients treated and followed elsewhere.
Date: August 9, 1949
Creator: Lawrence, J.H.
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Berkeley Proton Linear Accelerator

Description: A linear accelerator, which increases the energy of protons from a 4 Mev Van de Graaff injector, to a final energy of 31.5 Mev, has been constructed. The accelerator consists of a cavity 40 feet long and 39 inches in diameter, excited at resonance in a longitudinal electric mode with a radio-frequency power of about 2.2 x 10{sup6} watts peak at 202.5 mo. Acceleration is made possible by the introduction of 46 axial "drift tubes" into the cavity, which is designed such that the particles traverse the distance between the centers of successive tubes in one cycle of the r.f. power. The protons are longitudinally stable as in the synchrotron, and are stabilized transversely by the action of converging fields produced by focusing grids. The electrical cavity is constructed like an inverted airplane fuselage and is supported in a vacuum tank. Power is supplied by 9 high powered oscillators fed from a pulse generator of the artificial transmission line type. Output currents are 3 x 10 {sup-9} ampere average, and 50 {mu}a peak. The beam has a diameter of 1 cm and an angular divergence of 10{sup-3} radians.
Date: October 13, 1953
Creator: Alvarez, L. W.; Bradner, H.; Franck, J.; Gordon, H.; Gow, J.D.; Marshall, L.C. et al.
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Annotated Bibliography of Theories of the Equation of State of Ionized Gases and Strong Electrolyte Solutions

Description: This bibliography lists 297 references on the equation of state of ionized gases and electrolyte solutions, including calculations of closely related quantities such as free energy, partition functions, o smotic pre ssure, activity coefficients, and equilibrium compositions of partially ionized systems. A subject index and a supplementary list of 42 bibliographies on plasma physics and similar topics are included. (auth)
Date: August 1, 1961
Creator: Brush, S. G. & Wensrich, C. J.
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Close-in Pressure and Shock Arrival Time Measurements. Final Report Project Scooter

Description: Project Scooter, a part of Operation Plowshare, was a 500-ton chemical explosive shot fired at the AEC Nevada Test Site. Personnel of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory undertook a program of measuring pressure-time histories and shock wave arrival times. Tourmaline piezoelectric transducers were used for both purposes. Only one instrument, located 49.4 feet from the center of the detonation, gave usable information. At this distance the shock wave arrived 11.2 plus or minus 0.4 msec after the X-unit signal, an the maximum pressure was 1.7 plus or minus 0.5 kilobars. (auth)
Date: September 1, 1961
Creator: Shearer, J. N.; Olson, R. G. & Krause, O. H.
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Description of a Thermonuclear Reactor Based on the Use of a Layer of Relativistic Electrons to Confine and Heat the Plasma

Description: A long layer of rotating relativistic electrons was employed in a proposed scheme of a thermonuclear reactor to provide a closed pattern of magnetic field liens and to heat the plasma to fusion temperature. Parameters of a production machine and experimental model are presented. The general requirements for the plasma confinement at adequate density and temperature are summarized. Establishment of the electron layer is described. The equilibrium of the plasma under these conditions was investigated and the stability of this equilibrium distribution determined. (M.C.G.)
Date: March 14, 1957
Creator: Christofilos, N. C.
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Design and Construction Features of a Variable Gap Thermionic Converter Tube

Description: Design and construction features are presented for a parallel-plane thermionic converter tube which has an interelectrode gap that may be precisely varied from zero to six inches. (auth) 3Z72 Thermionic diodes and pentodes (with their associated circuitry) were compared as elements in logarithmic current amplifiers. Diodes generally give greater accuracy, but pentodes have simpler associated circuitry and hence may be preferred for certain applications. Logarithmicto-linear transfer characteristics and stability were investigated for a number of tube types, and selected types were operated with heater voitage, current, and resistance separately held constant to examine the effects on long term drift. Two logarithmic current amplifiers, one of them designed for radiation resistance, are presented as well as two methods of utilizing vacuum tubes as dynamic logarithmic current sources. (auth)
Date: September 27, 1962
Creator: Gust, W. H. & McKee, E. S.
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The Sapir Program System of Automatic Processing and Indexing of Reports

Description: The rapidly increasing volume of new data in scientific and technical fields demands faster and better ways to communicate the new information to those concerned. A working system, System of Automatic Processing and Indexing of Reports (SAPIR), for doing this is described. SAPIR makes use of the Keyword-in- Context Index principle, by which certain keywords, together with surrounding words that act as modifiers, are selected from the titles of the technical publications. These keywords with their modifiers serve as index entries from each title, therefore, there will be as many index entries generated as there are keywords contained in the title. The index entries are sorted alphabetically by the keywords. The first letters of the keywords in each of the index entries form a column in the printed format, which makes scanning for the soughtafter item easier. The SAPIR system is automatic and the list of citations is machine- generated on an IBM 1401 Computer. (auth)
Date: May 27, 1961
Creator: Turner, L. D.
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Proton Capture Gamma Rays From Si$Sup 28$ in the Region of the Photonuclear Giant Resonance

Description: The Livermore 90 deg inch variable-energy cyclotron was used to measure the 90 deg excitation function for the Al/sup 27/(p, gamma )Si/sup 28/ reaction. Proton energies between 5 and 13 Mev were used which gave excitation energies in Si/sup 28/ corresponding to the region of the photonuclear giant resonance. Two gamma rays were observed: gamma /sub O/, the groundstate gamma ray and gamma / sub 1/ resulting from deexcitation through the first excited state of Si/sup 28/ at 1.78 Mev. They were detected by a 5-in.-diam by 6-in.-long NaI(Tl) crystal. A Pb collimator was used to improve the resolution of the detector. The results indicated that both gamma /sub O/ and gamma /sub 1/ display the giant resonance behavior; the gamma /sub O/ carve reached a peak value of approximately -8 mu barns/sr at E/sub p/ = 8.75 Mev, while the gamma /sub 1/ peak was approximately -14 mu barns/sr at E/sub p/ = 10 Mev. Both curves displayed the fine structure previously reported by Gove et al. A detailed balance calculation was made, using the gamma /sub O/ data. A comparison with the measurements of Johansson on the total yield of protons from the Si/sup 28/( gamma ,p)Al reaction indicated that about 1/3 of the total photoproton production in Si/sup 28/ results in maximum energy, or ground-state protons. It was concluded that this large proportion strongly suggests a direct interaction reaction mechanism. (auth)
Date: May 1, 1961
Creator: Gardner, C. C.
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Oscillating Vertical Magnetic Dipole Above a Conducting Half-Space

Description: The electromagnetic field produced by a vertical oscillating magnetic dipole above a plane conducting earth is obtained in integral form. An exact solution in closed form is obtained for the case in which the dipole and the point of observation are both located on the surface of the earth. (auth)
Date: April 1, 1961
Creator: Wesley, J. P.
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