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Mission Bay Harbor, California, Design for Wave and Surge Protection and Flood Control: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: Partial abstract: A 1:100-scale (undistorted) hydraulic model, reproducing Mission Bay Harbor, approximately 3 miles of shoreline, and sufficient offshore area to permit generation of the required test waves, was used to investigate the arrangement and design of proposed structures for (a) improving hazardous entrance conditions, (b) reducing surge inside the harbor, and (c) eliminating potential flood hazards. The original proposal for harbor improvement consisted of a 2,200-ft-long offshore breakwater. The proposed structures for river flood control consisted of (a) a 1,200-ft-long weir in the middle jetty, (b) various south jetty extensions, and (c) diversion dikes on the middle jetty.
Date: June 1983
Creator: Curren, Charles R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sweetwater River Channel Improvement Project, San Diego County, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation

Description: From abstract: A study of the proposed channel alignment project was conducted using a fixed-bed model constructed at a scale of 1:40 to study the effect of downstream waves and disturbances caused by the curvilinear flow conditions.
Date: February 1988
Creator: Turner, Herman O., Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department