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20,000 KW Nuclear Power Plant Study for United States Atomic Energy Commission

Description: Introduction: In September of 156, Gilbert Associates, Inc., entered into a contract with the United States of America, acting through the United States Atomic Energy Commission, for the study and preliminary design of a nuclear power plant being considered for integration into a central station power system at an overseas site.
Date: July 7, 1957
Creator: Gilbert Associates, Inc.
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Acceleration Characteristics of a Turbojet Engine With Variable-Position Inlet Guide Vanes

Description: Report presenting a study of the acceleration characteristics of a turbojet engine equipped with variable-position inlet guide vanes in the altitude test chamber. Maximum acceleration values for 3 engines of the same model were also obtained during testing and were found to differ as much as 50 percent. Results regarding the effect of fuel step size and inlet guide vane on acceleration, effect of flight condition, reproducibility of engine acceleration, compressor pressure ratio in relation to acceleration, and acceleration with inlet air distortion are provided.
Date: July 7, 1955
Creator: Dobson, W. F. & Wallner, Lewis E.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 0.04956-Scale Model of the Convair F-102B Airplane at Mach Numbers of 1.41, 1.61, and 2.01: Coord No. AF-231

Description: Report discussing testing of a scale model of the Convair F-102B to determine its aerodynamic characteristics at several Mach numbers. Four basic body modifications and two afterbody configurations were evaluated.The body modifications were all found to slightly reduce values of minimum drag, but did not cause a change in the static stability and lift-curve-slope values compared to the F-102A.
Date: February 7, 1956
Creator: Driver, Cornelius & Robinson, Ross B.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of an 0.08-Scale Model of the Martin XB-51 Airplane at High Subsonic Speeds

Description: Report discussing tests of a scale model of the XB-51 airplane to determine its force, stability, and control characteristics in pitch and yaw at various Mach numbers. The effects of the dive breaks and the bomb bay are also described.
Date: October 7, 1949
Creator: Barnes, Robert H.
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The Aerodynamic Forces and Moments Exerted on a Spinning Model of the NY-1 Airplane as Measured by the Spinning Balance

Description: From Summary: "A preliminary investigation of the effects of changes in the elevator and rudder settings and of small changes in attitude upon the aerodynamic forces and moments exerted upon a spinning airplane was undertaken with the spinning balance in the 5-foot vertical tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The tests were made on a 1/12-scale model of the "NY-1" airplane. Data by which to fix the attitude, the radius of spin, and the rotational and air velocities were taken from recorded spins of the full-scale airplane."
Date: February 7, 1933
Creator: Bamber, M. J. & Zimmerman, C. H.
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Aerodynamic study of a wing-fuselage combination employing a wing swept back 63 degrees: Aerodynamic characteristics in sideslip of a large-scale model having a 63 degree swept-back vertical tail

Description: Report presenting an investigation to determine the effects of a vertical tail with the leading edge swept back 63 degrees on the aerodynamic characteristics of a wing-fuselage combination with a wing with the leading edge swept back 63 degrees. The aerodynamic characteristics in sideslip with and without the vertical tail are also presented. Results regarding the directional stability, rudder effectiveness, and rudder hinge moments are described.
Date: October 7, 1949
Creator: McCormack, Gerald M.
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Aerodynamic Study of a Wing-Fuselage Combination Employing a Wing Swept Back 63 Degrees: Characteristics for Symmetrical Wing Sections at High Subsonic and Moderate Supersonic Mach Numbers

Description: From Summary: "Results of wind-tunnel tests are presented for a wing with the leading edge swept back 63^o and of symmetrical section in combination with a body at Mach numbers from 0.5 to 0.95 and from 1.09 to 1.51."
Date: July 7, 1949
Creator: Mas, Newton A.
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Air flow around finned cylinders

Description: Report presents the results of a study made to determine the air-flow characteristics around finned cylinders. Air-flow distribution is given for a smooth cylinder, for a finned cylinder having several fin spacings and fin widths, and for a cylinder with several types of baffle with various entrance and exit shapes. The results of these tests show: that flow characteristics around a cylinder are not so critical to changes in fin width as they are to fin spacing; that the entrance of the baffle has a marked influence on its efficiency; that properly designed baffles increase the air flow over the rear of the cylinder; and that these tests check those of heat-transfer tests in the choice of the best baffle.
Date: November 7, 1935
Creator: Brevoort, M. J. & Rollin, Vern G.
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Analysis of coolant flow and pressure requirements for a return-flow turbine rotor blade design using hydrogen, helium, or air as coolant

Description: From Introduction: "This report presents the results of an analysis to determine the coolant flow and pressure requirements for a particular return-flow turbine rooter blade design utilizing hydrogen, helium, or air as the coolant."
Date: May 7, 1957
Creator: Slone, Henry O. & Donoughe, Patrick L.
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Analysis of V-g data obtained from several naval airplanes

Description: From Introduction: "V-g records supplied the NACA by the Bureau of Aeronautics in 1948 and 1949 have provided additional material. These records are analyzed statistically in this report to the frequency of large values of acceleration and airspeed, and results are compared with the design requirements."
Date: July 7, 1950
Creator: Thornton, James O.
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An Analysis of Vertical-Tail Loads Measured in Flight on a Swept-Wing Bomber Airplane

Description: From Introduction: "This paper presents results of an analysis of shear, bending-moment, and torque loads measured on the vertical tail during rudder-step, rudder-pulse, aileron-roll, and steady-sideslip maneuvers. In order to assess effects of Mach number and altitude, the maneuvers were performed at altitudes of 15,000, 25,000, and 35,000 feet and Mach numbers from 0.49 to 0.82."
Date: May 7, 1957
Creator: McGowan, William A. & Cooney, T. V.
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Analytical comparison of convection-cooled turbine blade cooling-air requirements for several radial gas-temperature profiles

Description: Report presenting an analysis made to permit a comparative evaluation of the turbine rotor cooling-air requirements with convection-cooled blades for four combustor-outlet radial gas-temperature profiles: a uniform profile, a profile representable by a complete cycle of the cosine wave using cooler gas layers near the turbine casing, a profile representable by one-half cycle of the cosine wave using cooler gas layers near the stator inner ring, and an optimum profile resulting in the absolute minimum cooling-air requirements.
Date: September 7, 1955
Creator: Hubbartt, James E. & Slone, Henry O.
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Aqueous Corrosion of Uranium Fuel-Element Cores Containing 0 to 20 w/o Zirconium

Description: Abstract: A description is given of the design and operation of a windowed autoclave system employed in the study of corrosion by pressurized hot water. The device has been used to obtain time-lapse motion pictures of the swelling and rupture of deliberately defected zirconium-clad uranium specimens. A method is described by which corrosion rates were calculated from pressure and temperature measurements. A typical set of pictures taken during a test is presented, and corrosion rates are reported for uranium-0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 w/o zirconium alloys subjected subjected to 600 F water.
Date: January 7, 1957
Creator: Grieser, Daniel R. & Simons, Eugene M.
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Automatic Typographic-Quality Typesetting Techniques: A State-of-the-Art Review

Description: From Introduction Purpose and Scope of Report: "This report is one of a series prepared for the Research Information Center and Advisory Service on Information Processing (RICASIP), and intended as a contribution to improved cooperation in the fields of information selection systems development, information retrieval research and mechanized translation."
Date: April 7, 1967
Creator: Stevens, Mary Elizabeth & Little, John L.
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Average Skin-Friction Coefficients From Boundary-Layer Measurements in Flight on a Parabolic Body of Revolution (NACA RM-10) at Supersonic Speeds and at Large Reynolds Numbers

Description: Report presenting boundary-layer measurements on rocket-powered free-flight models to determine average skin-friction coefficients. The test body, NACA RM-10, was a fin-stabilized parabolic body of revolution of fineness ratio 12.2 with a blunt base to provide space for a rocket jet. Results regarding the skin-friction and boundary-layer profiles and experimental and theoretical curves are provided.
Date: March 7, 1951
Creator: Rumsey, Charles B. & Loposer, J. Dan
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Biological Investigations in Alaska and Yukon Territory

Description: From letter of transmittal: "Report on biological investigations made in the interior of Alaska and the Yukon territory in 1903 and 1904. It consists of separate reports on three distinct areas, describing the physiography and giving detailed accounts of the animal life of the region."
Date: October 7, 1909
Creator: Osgood, Wilfred H.
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Bonded lead monoxide films as solid lubricants for temperatures up to 1250 degrees F

Description: Report presenting a friction, wear, and endurance-lift study made with bonded films of mixed oxides containing lead monoxide (PbO) as the main component. The coatings lubricated over the entire temperature range, but were far more effective from 500 to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit than at the lower temperatures. Results regarding the effect of silica additions on coating formation, determination of coating composition, effect of coating thickness on friction and wear, effect of temperature on friction and wear, and endurance properties are provided.
Date: May 7, 1957
Creator: Sliney, Harold E. & Johnson, Robert L.
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The Boron-Carbon System: Final Technical Report, May 1, 1960 - April 30, 1961

Description: Abstract: The boron-carbon equilibrium diagram has been determined by X-ray, metallographic, and thermal analysis of sintered and arc-cast alloys. A single carbide having a range of solubility from approximately 9 to 20 a/o carbon and melting congruently exists in the system. The terminal solubility of carbon in boron is 0.1-0.2a/o. The freezing reaction at the composition and melting temperature of elemental boron; there is a eutectic reaction at 29a/o carbon and 2375 degrees Celcius. No allotropy of boron was observed.
Date: June 7, 1961
Creator: Elliott, Rodney P.
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Boron stainless steel for drop rods

Description: From introduction: "The present investigation of the properties of boron stainless steel is an outgrowth of a project started in 1947. The problem is to replace the present steel used for drop rods in the Hanford piles with a material much less subject to corrosive attack from the humid atmosphere existing at the location of the rods."
Date: September 7, 1948
Creator: Callen, A. C. & Heckman, A. L.
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Brief Studies of Turbojet Combustor and Fuel-System Operation With Hydrogen Fuel at -400 Degrees F

Description: Memorandum presenting a single J33 combustor and an experimental tubular combustor incorporating a fuel vaporizer as operated with gaseous hydrogen at temperatures slightly above the boiling point of the fuel. Data were obtained to explore possible effects of the fuel temperature on combustor performance and on the control and measurement of fuel flow.
Date: March 7, 1957
Creator: Straight, David M.; Smith, Arthur L. & Christenson, Harold H.
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