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[Letter from Dinkie and Alice McGee and William Dodd to Mollie and Charles Moore, February 4, 1883]

Description: Dinkie is glad to hear from them and says that they all have colds. Mr. Huff's men have typhoid fever. Abe, Tobe and Jule Elliot started working on shingling. She says all she does is cook and clean. Her mother is visiting Bettie and Mrs. McGee is in Kentucky for a while. Mollie McGee is said to be mean because she won't let her mother-in-law live with them. Ike Jones will have to lose an arm. Florence had a dinner. Willie and Birdie love eating apples. Mary Dodd is a beautiful baby and Tobe loves her. Bessie has taken to Alice and Birdie has good manners. She is able to sell four to five dozen eggs. Alice is helpful with making butter, doing dishes, makes the beds and watches Birdie. Mrs. McGee knitted stockings and mittens for the children. Willie want them to respond to his letter. Alice writes that Birdie has a wheel barrow and Birdie has found three dozen eggs in two days. Alice lists the chores that she does. She also mentions to Linnet that they have nice blocks and play house. Alice asks her aunt Mollie to write soon. William writes that the wheat looks bad. He was plowing and came across some feral dogs. Ike Jones may have to lose his arm.
Date: February 4, 1883
Creator: Dodd, William; McGee, Alice & McGee, Dinkie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Note, February 1, 1883]

Description: Note between Levi Perryman and Mrs. Eliabeth Henwood in which he promises to pay her two hundred and forty five dollars in two years time from the date of the document. There are two stamps on the back, one from First National Bank of Montague, Texas, and the other which says "Paid."
Date: February 1, 1883
Creator: Perryman, Levi
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections