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Airborne Radioactivity Survey of Part of the Navajo Indian Reservation of Utah and Arizona

Description: From introduction: The purpose of an airborne radioactivity survey is to locate ground areas of higher than normal radioactivity which might lead to discovery of uranium mineralization. For this type of survey, gamma-ray detection equipment employing either a geiger counter or a scintillation counter can be mounted in a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter.
Date: February 29, 1952
Creator: Cummings, Winthrop L.
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Distribution and Thickness of Salt in the Paradox Basin of Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah, A Preliminary Report

Description: The following report covers investigation work done on the distribution of thick deposits of salt that had occurred in the Paradox member of the Hermosa formation of Pennsylvanian age in an area nearly 12,000 square miles of southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Baltz, Elmer H.
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Geology of the Thomas Range Fluorite District, Juab County, Utah

Description: From scope of report: "The fluorite district in the western part of the Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah, is one f the newest mining districts in western United States; since 1950 it has been the largest producer of fluorite west of the Mississippi River. The present report covers the geology of the entire fluorite producing area, and supplements an earlier report...on the individual mining properties."
Date: February 1955
Creator: Staatz, Mortimer H. & Osterwald, Frank W.
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Mineralogic Study of Some Jurassic and Cretaceous Claystones and Siltstones From Western Colorado and Eastern Utah

Description: Report discussing a study of the mineralogy of various Jurassic and Cretaceous claystones and siltstones of Colorado and Utah. The study was aimed at determining which minerals characterize fine sediments which include important uraniferous strata.
Date: February 1953
Creator: Weeks, Alice Dowse
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Notes on the Relationship of Uranium Mineralization and Rhyolite in the Marysvale Area, Utah

Description: From abstract: A study, consisting of field and laboratory work, was undertaken in an endeavor to establish possible structural mineralization controls associated with the copper-uranium occurrences in the Willaha area, Coconino County, Arizona. Uranium mineralization, apparent at present, is localized along small fissures and vugs and in certain beds and lenses of the middle member of the Kaibab formation(Permian). It is associated with copper and iron oxide staining. Though no definite ore controls were disclosed by this study, at least a limited program of shallow drilling is warranted on the property. This sub-surface exploration should determine possible extensions of known mineralized areas, explore surface radiometric anomalies, and provide data for the determination of possible guides to ore. Deeper exploration may encounter mineralization in other horizons of the Kaibab limestone.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Gilbert, Ray E.
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Preliminary Study of Favorability for Uranium Resources in Juab County, Utah

Description: From introduction: This report presents the results of a preliminary study of uranium occurrences in the beryllium belt of Juab County, Utah. The study was conducted by Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (BFEC) for the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) to aid in estimating the uranium potential of the area.
Date: February 1978
Creator: Leedom, S. H. & Mitchell, T. P.
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Rabbittite, a New Uranyl Carbonate From Utah

Description: Report discussing the investigation of rabbittite, a hydrated calcium magnesium uranyl carbonate found in a mine of the San Rafael district of Emery County, Utah, in July, 1952. Information regarding rabbittite's occurrence, physical/optical properties, chemical composition, and X-ray diffraction data are included.
Date: February 1954
Creator: Thompson, Mary E.; Weeks, Alice D. & Sherwood, Alexander M.
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Strontium Program Quarterly Summary Report: November 1958 - January 1959

Description: From Abstract: "This report is one of a sequence of quarterly reports, each designed to up-date its predecessor beginning with HASL-42, "Environmental Contamination from Weapon Tests." Herein are reported data which have accrued since HASL-51. In particular, the levels of strontium 90 in fallout, milk, tap water, vegetation, and foods are given, based on data available from November 1, 1958 to January 30, 1959."
Date: February 24, 1959
Creator: Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
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Summary of the Mineralogy of the Colorado Plateau Uranium Ores

Description: Report summarizing information regarding the mineralogy of uranium ores of the Colorado Plateau. The report includes sections on classification, mineralogy of the primary unoxidized ores, oxidation sequence and mineralogy of vanadiferous uranium ores, mineralogy of oxidized nonvanadiferous uranium ores, relation of oxidation to water saturation of ore, relative stability and size of oxidized deposits, secondary enrichment, and time and depth of oxidation.
Date: February 1956
Creator: Weeks, A. D.; Coleman, R. G. & Thompson, M. E.
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Tabulation or Ore Reserves and Past Production for the Uranium-Vanadium Region of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona

Description: The tabulations on these pages include all of the known areas in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona having economically important uranium-vanadium deposits of the type which are generally referred to by the terms roscoe-lite and/or carnotite. Though similar deposits are known to exist in other areas they are to be viewed as being little more than mineralogical curiosities.
Date: February 16, 1948
Creator: Fetzer, Wallace G.
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