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Composition of vapors from boiling nitric acid solutions

Description: From abstract: "The composition of vapors from aqueous nitric acid solutions boiling at 200 mm mercury total pressure is established for solutions containing between - and 67.5 w/o nitric acid. The volatility characteristics of low concentrations of chloride in the same concentration range of nitric acid have been measured in solutions boiling at 200 mm mercury. The effects of chloride concentration and pressure of boiling are evaluated. A spectrophotometric method of the determination of chloride in nitric acid solutions is described."
Date: February 9, 1955
Creator: Crooks, R. C.; Wilson, R. Q.; Bearse, A. E. & Filbert, Robert B.
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Degradation Products of Tributyl Phosphate

Description: Abstract: "A method for determination of dibutyl phosphate in solvent streams containing tributyl phosphate is outlined. The method is based on analysis for total uranium of total phosphate after removal of uranium and phosphate in excess of that present as uranyl dibutyl phosphate. Results on plant solvent samples are presented. Difficulties with precipitation of [...] dibutyl phosphate, when fresh solvents were employed, are discussed. Small amounts of nonphosphate uranium-complexing agents were found in plant solvents. Diluent degradation is postulated as the source of these components. Emulsion-formation tendencies appeared to correlate better with concentrations of these contaminants than with dibutyl phosphate content."
Date: February 17, 1956
Creator: Ewing, Robert A.; Kiehl, Samuel J. & Bearse, Arthur E.
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The Effect of Fabrication Variables on the Structure and Properties of UO₂-Stainless Steel Dispersion Fuel Plates

Description: From introduction: "This report deals with a part of the research and development studies which preceded the manufacture of fuel elements for the Gas Cooled Reactor Experiment (GCRE)." The studies evaluate the effects of varying the type and size of UO2 particles, stainless steel matrix powders, blending procedures, compacting pressures, sintering times, temperatures and atmospheres, roll-cladding temperatures and reduction rates, total cold reduction, and heat-treating times and temperatures has been made for UO2 stainless steel dispersion fuel elements."
Date: February 18, 1959
Creator: Paprocki, Stan J.; Keller, Donald L. & Cunningham, G. W.
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Mineralogical Examination of Pitchblende Concentrates and Nitric Acid Digest Residues

Description: This report has two parts to it discussing mineralogical examination of pitchblende concentrates and nitric acid digest residues. Part I gives the results of a cursory examination with the petrographic microscope of samples of pitchblende concentrates and residues to see if there is a relationship between the mineral composition of the samples and the filterability of the residue. Part II gives a revaluation of the data in Report BMI-241 on the mineral composition of two residues from the nitric acid digestion of pitchblende concentrates at the Rallinckrodt Chemical Works.
Date: February 9, 1951
Creator: Scott, D. W.; Tangel, O. F. & Richardson, A. C.
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Progress Report for the Month of January, 1952

Description: This progress report of the Battelle Memorial Institute covers information in many categories. These include development of ceramic fuel elements, general ceramics, uranium and its alloys, thorium and its alloys, development of metallic fuel elements and assemblies, metals and alloys for reactor components, miscellaneous metallurgical work, liquid coolants and fuels, reactor engineering studies, and mechanism development.
Date: February 1, 1952
Creator: Russell, H. W.; Nelson, H. R. & Dayton, R. W.
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The Properties of High-Uranium Alloys Containing Zirconium or Chromium

Description: From abstract: "Various physical and mechanical properties have been determined for high- and low-carbon base uranium, uranium-chromium, and uranium-zirconium alloys. These data complement those obtained at ANL on the same materials."
Date: February 21, 1955
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Rough, Frank A.
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Protective Coatings for Molybdenum

Description: Report discussing studies on various types of protective coatings for a molybdenum sheet. Procedures, materials, and results of each coating are included.
Date: February 17, 1953
Creator: Powell, Carroll F.; Jones, R. P.; Secrest, A. C.; Sherwood, E. M. & Campbell, Ivor E.
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Reaction of Hydrogen With Uranium

Description: Report discussing reaction of hydrogen with uranium in a range of temperatures and pressures. Experimental materials, methods and results are included.
Date: February 17, 1955
Creator: Albrecht, William M. & Mallett, Manley William
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Refractories for Continuous Reduction of Uranium

Description: Report presenting a study that evaluates various types of refractories for use in a refractory-lined vessel that would be used for continuous reduction of uranium tetrafluoride to uranium metal.
Date: February 27, 1956
Creator: Smalley, Allison K.; Hyde, Collin; Allison, Adrian G. & Duckworth, Winston Howard
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