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Primary view of Accurate Joint Detection from Depth Videos towards Pose Analysis
Kong, Longbo
May 2018
Primary view of Advanced Power Amplifiers Design for Modern Wireless Communication
Shao, Jin
August 2015
Primary view of Analysis and Optimization of Graphene FET based Nanoelectronic Integrated Circuits
Joshi, Shital
May 2016
Primary view of Assessment of Post-earthquake Building Damage Using High-resolution Satellite Images and LiDAR Data - a Case Study From Port-au-prince, Haiti
Koohikamali, Mehrdad
August 2014
Primary view of Automated Tree Crown Discrimination Using Three-Dimensional Shape Signatures Derived from LiDAR Point Clouds
Sadeghinaeenifard, Fariba
May 2018
Primary view of Automatic Removal of Complex Shadows From Indoor Videos
Mohapatra, Deepankar
August 2015
Primary view of Automatic Tagging of Communication Data
Hoyt, Matthew Ray
August 2012
Primary view of Autonomic Failure Identification and Diagnosis for Building Dependable Cloud Computing Systems
Guan, Qiang
May 2014
Primary view of Boosting for Learning From Imbalanced, Multiclass Data Sets
Abouelenien, Mohamed
December 2013
Primary view of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Applications: Privacy Threats and Countermeasures
Bhalotiya, Anuj Arun
May 2017
Primary view of Computational Methods for Vulnerability Analysis and Resource Allocation in Public Health Emergencies
Indrakanti, Saratchandra
August 2015
Primary view of Determining Whether and When People Participate in the Events They Tweet About
Sanagavarapu, Krishna Chaitanya
May 2017
Primary view of Dynamic Taxi Service Planning by Minimizing Cruising Distance Without Passengers
Luo, Zhongwen; Lv, Huimin; Fang, Fang; Zhao, Yishi; Liu, Yuanyuan; Xiang, Xiuqiao et al.
October 30, 2018
Primary view of An Efficient Code-Based Threshold Ring Signature Scheme with a Leader-Participant Model
Zhou, Guomin; Zeng, Peng; Yuan, Xiaohui; Chen, Siyuan & Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond
March 23, 2017
Primary view of Elicitation of Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Literature Using Association Rule Discovery
Samuel, Jarvie John
August 2010
Primary view of End of Insertion Detection in Colonoscopy Videos
Malik, Avnish Rajbal
August 2009
Primary view of Evaluating Appropriateness of Emg and Flex Sensors for Classifying Hand Gestures
Akumalla, Sarath Chandra
May 2013
Primary view of Evaluation of Call Mobility on Network Productivity in Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) Femtocells
Sawant, Uttara
December 2017
Primary view of Freeform Cursive Handwriting Recognition Using a Clustered Neural Network
Bristow, Kelly H.
August 2015
Primary view of A Global Stochastic Modeling Framework to Simulate and Visualize Epidemics
Indrakanti, Saratchandra
May 2012
Primary view of High Resolution Satellite Images and LiDAR Data for Small-Area Building Extraction and Population Estimation
Ramesh, Sathya
December 2009
Primary view of Incremental Learning with Large Datasets
Giritharan, Balathasan
May 2012
Primary view of The Influence of Social Network Graph Structure on Disease Dynamics in a Simulated Environment
Johnson, Tina V.
December 2010
Primary view of Learning from small data set for object recognition in mobile platforms.
Liu, Siyuan
May 2016