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Definitive scope of a facility for E-Metal product segregation at the UO{sub 3} Plant Project CG-767

Description: E-Metal production is scheduled to start through the UO{sub 3} Plant in July of 1958. E-Metal is defined in HW-46138 as uranium metal enriched with U-235 to a level selected to be always-safe for non-metallic uranium forms, i.e. for compounds encountered during solvent extraction or calcination. Currently E-metal as selected contains 0.94% U-235 prior to irradiation. Planning of a segregation facility requires that the mixing of E-Metal with normal uranium be minimized, thereby preventing costly downgrading. Segregation of E-Metal through existing facilities would require extensive cleanout and flushing. Production scheduling with present demonstrated capacity would make this method impossible. The Redox Plant will produce E-Metal on an intermittent basis. It is expected that normal operating production of E-Metal through the Redox Plant will be quantities of 100 to 200 tons. Production through the UO{sub 3} Plant will follow on this same intermittent basis. During the first two quarters of FY `59 the UO{sub 3} Plant production of E-Metal is forecast at not greater than 100 tons per quarter. Following this initial period the E-Metal production is forecast to run 135 to 200 tons per quarter for the next three to four years. It is the purpose of this document to establish a scope and design criteria for a facility providing segregation of E-metal in the UO{sub 3} Plant until the continuous calciners have demonstrated sufficient capacity to process all production. The two new tanks required for this project may be obtained from excess vessels available on-site. In order to complete this facility by July, 1958, it will be required that existing on-site equipment and materials be adapted for all possible applications.
Date: November 4, 1957
Creator: Gustafson, L. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department