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Brief summary concerning strategic withholding (nuclear parsimony)

Description: This memorandum provides a brief summary on thoughts concerning `Strategic Withholding` (or perhaps, `Nuclear Parsimony`). It is chiefly meant to further support the view that there should be other significant doctrines besides `Brute-Force Retaliation`. The basic doctrinal argument is that it may be broadly disadvantageous to fire one`s missiles in equal, or `total` retaliation. It may be better to reply only softly, or not at all. The basic justification rests on an assumption of extended war, and on a logic addressed to what`s best for the surviving population and capability at any given point. In most strategic wargame exercises, it is rarely apparent that this principle is taken into account. The essential point of argument is that an extended war is not so different from peacetime posturing.
Date: June 2, 1971
Creator: Wouters, L. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department