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An Evaluation of Oocyte Size in Multiple Regressions Predicting Gonad Weight from Body Weight: a Test Using Hawaiian Ehu, Etelis carbunculus

Description: The following report is meant to evaluate whether the information on oocyte size improves ability to predict ovary weight from body weight, and we evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different sample sizes for characterizing egg size.
Date: October 1994
Creator: Lau, Boulderson B. & DeMartini, Edward E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Fishery Interaction Between the Tuna Lonline and Other Pelagic Fisheries in Hawaii

Description: Abstract: The Hawaii pelagic surface fisheries and more recently the longline fisheries have grown dramatically. As a result, competition between fisheries on the fishing grounds and in the marketplace has also increased. Physical conflicts between vessels and claims of decreased fishing success by surface (troll and handline) fishermen led to the enactment of Federal regulations limiting the number of domestic longline vessels and the areas in which they can operate. The scientific evidence of biological or economic fishery interaction between longline and small-vessel fishermen is limited but suggests that intense longline fishing near the Hawaiian Islands has the potential to affect catch rates in other Hawaii fisheries. Better data collection and more research are needed to document fishery interaction and to improve fishery management.
Date: October 1993
Creator: Skillman, Robert A.; Boggs, Christofer H. & Pooley, Samuel G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island, 1987 and 1989

Description: This report is based on the findings from an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal on Laysan Island in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands during April 8 to July 20 1987 and March 30 to July 16 1989. The data collected focuses on haul-out, behavior, and reproductive patterns; population structure; and factors affecting survival.
Date: October 1994
Creator: Becker, Brenda L.; Ching, Patrick A.; Hiruki, Lisa M. & Zur, Steven A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Kewalo Research Facility: on the Forefront for More than 40 Years

Description: The following report provides extensive information on the Kewalo Research Facility of Oahu Island. The Kewalo Research Facility sits on Kewalo Basin and is the center for ongoing research programs designed to examine the most important environmental parameters on the behavior and physiology of tunas. Along with tuna the Kewalo Research facility is also a primary location to stage research activities associated with the studies and preservation of the Hawaiian monk seals, it also provides an important laboratory where research on and resuscitation of several threatened and endangered species of sea turtles found in the Pacific Ocean can be carried out.
Date: October 1999
Creator: Brill, Richard W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Structured Flotsam as Fish Aggregating Devices

Description: Abstract: A modern adaptation of an old fishing technique is gaining recognition in the Pacific and elsewhere as an effective means to increase fishing productivity in the open sea. The use of man-made, free-floating, and anchored floating devices to aggregate pelagic fishes for subsistence, recreational and commercial fishing has increased markedly in recent years; estimates of deployed and planned units exceed 1,000. These devices have been anchored in depths ranging from several hundred to several thousand fathoms. This report reviews the development and present use of fish aggregating devices in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Date: October 1982
Creator: Shomura, Richard S. & Matsumoto, Walter M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department