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Implementing a Framework for Remedial Reading for Seventh and Eighth Grades: A Delphi Study

Description: This study determined the instructional approaches and teaching techniques and materials reading specialists perceived to be the most effective for the seventh and eighth grade remedial reading courses mandated by Texas House Bill 246. It also determined the most effective inservice procedures for training teachers assigned to teach these courses. Fifty-four Texas reading specialists, representing school districts, service centers, and colleges and universities, participated as panelists in the Delphi, completing three rounds of questionnaires. Perceived recommendations were rated by panelists according to levels of effectiveness.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Jennings, Frances D. (Frances Ditto)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of the "LEAST" Approach to Discipline with Behaviorally Disordered Junior High School Pupils

Description: This study examined the effectiveness of the LEAST Approach to Discipline with junior high school teachers having behaviorally disordered pupils in their classes. The sample consisted of twenty junior high school teachers who were paired on the basis of quantity and problem severity of behaviorally disordered pupils in their classes. Each matched pair was split and randomly assigned to the experimental and control group. Treatment consisted of eight hours of training in the LEAST approach. Subsequently, each experimental teacher was observed in class and given feedback regarding his application of the LEAST approach. The control group received no treatment. Following treatment, a two-month data collection period ensued. During this time data was collected for both groups on seven dependent variables. Specifically these were (1) teacher deviancy management skills, (2) pupil perception of the classroom environment, (3) pupil compliance, (4) office referrals, (5) teacher-parent conferences, (6) pupil absences and (7) non completed assignments.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Williams, Hadley E. (Hadley Edward)
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Experimental Investigation of the Value of Music Workbooks in Junior High Music Classes

Description: This study is an experimental investigation of two groups of junior high school students in an effort to evaluate the advantages of workbooks in their music classes. The comparison was made with two classes composed of thirty-two students each from the two junior high schools in the Beaumont Independent School District. One class used the workbooks in conjunction with the regular singing and appreciation work, but the other class did not use formal workbooks. They discussed the theory and notation of the music in relation to the work they were doing.
Date: August 1941
Creator: Milam, Lena
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Qualitative Study Describing the Relationship and Mediating Factors Between Junior High School Mathematics Achievement and Computer Expenditures

Description: Using a case study approach, this investigation focused on the nature of the relationship between computer related expenditures and student achievement in mathematics, with consideration given to the mediating factors influencing the relationship. Some of these factors included the types of computers and software being used, the objectives of computer instruction, teacher preparation in the use of the computer as an instructional tool, the amount of time individual students had access to a computer during the school year, and the socioeconomic status of pupils. Two of the twenty-five largest school districts in Texas were selected as the subjects for this study. Numerical data were collected from existing documents including general ledgers, bid tabulations, test score tables, and records showing the numbers of students participating in the free and reduced price lunch programs. Specific information regarding the implementations of the instructional programs was gathered through observations and 2 interviews with principals/ teachers, and students in four— teen junior high schools in each of the two school district. The districts exhibited more differences than similarities in the approaches to using computers for instruction in mathematics. One district, for about two hundred dollars per student, purchased a prepared, copyrighted, and patented program consisting of mini-computers and sixteen terminal remote labs used exclusively for the remediation of students two or more years behind in achievement in mathematics. The other district purchased microcomputers at a cost of about ten dollars per student and introduced a three to six weeks unit on computer programming into the eighth grade mathematics curriculum. Although neither district demonstrated clear patterns of increased achievement, tendencies did emerge which would suggest some linkage between concentration of the program and achievement. Other factors emerging from the fortythree taped interviews indicated that achievement test scores of students should not be the only measure of ...
Date: December 1985
Creator: Carle, Marlene Lovelace
Partner: UNT Libraries