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Primary view of The expression level of HJURP has an independent prognostic impact and predicts the sensitivity to radiotherapy in breast cancer
Hu, Zhi; Huang, Ge; Sadanandam, Anguraj; Gu, Shenda; Lenburg, Marc E; Pai, Melody et al.
June 25, 2010
Primary view of Prediction of epigenetically regulated genes in breast cancer cell lines
Loss, Leandro A; Sadanandam, Anguraj; Durinck, Steffen; Nautiyal, Shivani; Flaucher, Diane; Carlton, Victoria EH et al.
May 4, 2010
Primary view of Chapter 27 -- Breast Cancer Genomics, Section VI, Pathology and Biological Markers of Invasive Breast Cancer
Spellman, Paul T.; Heiser, Laura & Gray, Joe W.
June 18, 2009
Primary view of Medically relevant ElectroNeedle technology development.
Schmidt, Carrie Frances; Thomas, Michael Loren; McClain, Jaime L.; Harper, Jason C.; Achyuthan, Komandoor E. & Ten Eyck, Gregory A.
November 1, 2008
Primary view of Microanalytical Methods for Bio-Forensics Investigations
Brewer, L N; Weber, P K; Grant, R P; Ghosal, S & Michael, J R
February 10, 2006
Primary view of Aequorin as a bioluminescent indicator for use in the determination of biomolecules in single cells. Final technical report
Daunert, Sylvia
February 17, 2000
Primary view of Application of spectral hole burning to the study of in vitro cellular systems
Milanovich, Nebojsa
November 8, 1999
Primary view of Early lung cancer detection project: Evaluation of 5, 10, 15, 20 tetrakis (4-carboxyphenyl) porphine (H{sub 2}TCPP). Final report
Tockman, M.S.
October 1, 1998
Primary view of [A comprehensive signature biomarker analysis of the in-situ viable biomass, community composition, and nutritional status attributes of deep subsurface microbiota]. Final report
unknown creator
September 1, 1998
Primary view of The dynamics of carbon exchange in vertically stratified coastal bacterioplankton communities
Blum, P.
July 1, 1998
Primary view of Signature lipid biomarkers for in situ microbial biomass, community structure and nutritional status of deep subsurface microbiota in relation to geochemical gradients. Final technical report
White, D. C. & Ringelberg, D. B.
February 1, 1998
Primary view of Construction of genome-wide physical BAC contigs using mapped cDNA as probes: Toward an integrated BAC library resource for genome sequencing and analysis. Annual report, July 1995--January 1997
Mitchell, S.C.; Bocskai, D. & Cao, Y.
December 31, 1997
Primary view of [One-step PCR sequencing]. Final report, July 1, 1994--August 31, 1997
Shaw, B.R.
December 31, 1997
Primary view of Rapid, potentially automatable, method extract biomarkers for HPLC/ESI/MS/MS to detect and identify BW agents
White, D. C.; Burkhalter, R. S.; Smith, C. & Whitaker, K. W.
December 1997
Primary view of Molecular epidemiology of severe ambient air pollution on women and the developing fetus. Final report, September 15, 1993--September 14, 1996
Perera, F.P.
November 1, 1997
Primary view of Inflammatory bowel disease gene discovery. CRADA final report
unknown creator
September 9, 1997
Primary view of Modeling human risk: Cell & molecular biology in context
unknown creator
June 1, 1997
Primary view of Use of chromosome translocations for measuring prior environment exposures in humans
Tucker, J. D.
May 1, 1997
Primary view of Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research; project: hazardous materials in aquatic environments; subproject: biomarkers and risk assessment in Bayou Trepagnier, LA
Ide, C.
December 31, 1996
Primary view of Chromosome translocations measured by fluorescence in-situ hybridization: A promising biomarker
Lucas, J.N. & Straume, T.
October 1, 1995
Primary view of National Biomedical Tracer Facility: Project definition study
Heaton, R.; Peterson, E. & Smith, P.
May 31, 1995
Primary view of Paleohydrologic investigations in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain: Late Quaternary paleobotanical and polynological records
Spaulding, W.G.
October 5, 1994
Primary view of Flow cytometry: A powerful technology for measuring biomarkers
Jett, J. H.
September 1, 1994
Primary view of Monochromosomal hybrids for the analysis of the human genome. Final technical report
Athwal, R. S.
September 1, 1994