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The anatomy of plasmons

Description: From abstract: "Plamons (plasma-magnetic entities) are toroidal "packages" of plasma wrapped up in their own magnetic field. Experimental evidence for the existence of plasmons is adduced and theoretical considerations concerning their various types and their stability are discussed."
Date: November 15, 1955
Creator: Bostick, W. H.
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Deep underground test shots

Description: From abstract: "The purpose of this note is to consider the feasibility of conducting kiloton-weapons tests in underground holes sufficiently deep so that the explosion will be effectively contained. Such a shot would have the advantage that it could be detonated independently of weather conditions, and thus would allow greater freedom in the test program."
Date: February 21, 1956
Creator: Griggs, David, 1911-1974 & Teller, Edward, 1908-2003
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Design and fabrication of solenoids for high magnetic fields

Description: From abstract: "This report consists of papers presented of papers presented at a meeting held in late 1954 to review all the work related to coil design and fabrication."
Date: December 1955
Creator: Coensgen, Frederic H.; Turpen, Oliver S.; Branum, David R.; Meuser, Robert B.; Rhein, Reginald W. & Carlson, Norris W.
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Nonadiabatic effects in single-particle orbits

Description: From introduction: "The containment of a charged particle in a mirror field has been studied analytically and numerically. Formulas are presented which give the change in the magnetic moment as it passes from one end of the machine to the other."
Date: unknown
Creator: Garren, Alper; Henrich, L.; Northrop, Theodore G.; Riddell, R. & Smith, L.
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Preliminary Studies on Electrical Propulsion Systems for Space Travel

Description: Report discussing low and high acceleration flight mechanics for interplanetary missions, as well as the energy limitation for electric propulsion systems powered by a nuclear energy source. From abstract: "An optimization procedure for low acceleration systems is given which leads to a simple relationship between mission requirements, payload fraction, power plant specific power, and exhaust velocity."
Date: unknown
Creator: Fox, Robert H.
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Theories for Angular Distributions in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions : A Series of Six Lectures Presented at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, California, in 1958

Description: Report presenting six lectures on theories for angular distributions in low energy nuclear reactions. The topics of the lectures are "survey of reaction mechanisms", "born approximation for direct interaction theory", "semiclassical approximation for direct interaction", "distorted wave analysis and direct surface interactions", "angular correlation - general theory", and "interpretation of inelastic proton scattering by means of angular correlation theory".
Date: unknown
Creator: Moszkowski, Steven A.; Benveniste, J. & Schwarcz, E. H.
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IBM 1401 Computer Produced and Maintained Library Circulation Records

Description: Report issued by the University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory discussing a method of updating library circulation records on an IBM 1401 computer. The report describes the methods of generating and updating the records using transaction cards to create computer tapes that are sorted and updated to prepare current reports of circulation information.
Date: January 23, 1964
Creator: Kennedy, James H.
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Discussion on Optimization of Large Oil-Pumped Ultra-High Vacuum Systems

Description: Abstract: "Discussion is directed toward eventual optimization of the largest diffusion-pump systems. Less than 100 diffusion pump fluid molecules per cm 2/sec are possible to detect using an accumulation method. Optimization discussed demands highest possible system speed compatible with the above contamination rate. Bakeable oil diffusion pump systems, with equal orifice valve-tap units, without conventional baffling, permit theoretical through-put speeds up to 0.3 of the system orifice. The average backstreaming rate of oil in two unconventionally baffled commercial pumps of 6-in. and 10-in. size is reduced to < 3 x 10-(-4) g/cm-2/24 hr, including heating and cooling the pump boiler. A Ho factor of >0.4 is maintained. Results on trapping with activated alumina, retained by a wire mesh, at both liquid-nitrogen and room temperature are included. A variety of pumping speed measurements and bakeable combination valve-trap units are discussed."
Date: September 12, 1960
Creator: Milleron, Norman & Levenson, L. L.
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Microwave Diagnostic Systems and Techniques for Use in Controlled Fusion Research

Description: Abstract: "Microwaves have been used for several years at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory to study conditions in the magnetically contained plasmas of controlled fusion research. There are two basic microwave techniques. One gives information on electron density and distribution in the plasma, the other provides data on electron temperature. This paper briefly summarizes the established techniques, discusses engineering requirements and limitations, and describes some further applications of microwaves presently being considered."
Date: June 1960
Creator: Bunn, Harlin L.
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