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Primary view of DISES: Integrating environmental justice into urban forest assessment and valuation tools: blueprint for the future
Ponette-González, Alexandra G.
Primary view of An Ethnic Spring in the Food Desert? How State Policy Affects Food Environments and Business Entrepreneurships
Silva, Andrea
Primary view of Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Assistive Technology Services
Howard, Erin L. & Edyburn, Dave
Winter 2022
Primary view of Developing a High-Quality Academic Environment for Broadening Participation of Hispanic Students in Computing
Ding, Junhua
Primary view of Development of Physics-Informed Mathematical Models for Ship Extreme Responses in Ocean Waves
Sadat-Hosseini, Hamid
Primary view of Solid-State Additive Manufacturing of Durable Aluminum-Cerium Alloys for High-Temperature Aerospace Structural Applications
Vasudevan, Vijay K.
Primary view of Optic-nerve-head (ONH) Chips for Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration
Yang, Yong
Primary view of The Constitution in the Digital Age: Data Technology, Surveillance, and Privacy [Flyer]
Borck, Catherine A.; Sittel, Robbie & Henson, Brea
September 22, 2022
Primary view of Examination and Refinement of a Novel Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Processing of Positive Memories Technique (PPMT)
Contractor, Ateka A.
Primary view of Child Health and Human Development Extramural Research
Yang, Huaxiao
Primary view of Building a Team for EXtragalactic AStrophysics (TEXAS) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Li, Yuan
Primary view of Collaborative Research: PIC: Slow Wave Enhanced Electrooptically Tuned Michelson Interferometer Biosensor for On-Chip Polarization Interferometry
Rout, Bibhudutta
Primary view of End of Term Web Archive and Datasets in the Cloud
Phillips, Mark Edward & Alam, Sawood
September 1, 2022
Primary view of FW-HTF-P: Understanding and Assessing Technology Innovation to Mitigate Distraction and Improve the Performance of Future Forklift Operators
Niranjan, Suman
Primary view of In-Situ Monitoring for Quality Assurance and Machine Learning in Direct-Write Additive Manufacturing of 5G RF Electronic Ceramics
Shepherd, Nigel D.
Primary view of Increasing Students Access to Educational and Experiential Learning Opportunities in Agritourism
KC, Birendra
Primary view of Low-Energy Atomic Processes Including Ones Involving a Positron
Quintanilla, Sandra J.
Primary view of The North Texas-20
Callahan, Jennifer L.
Primary view of A Novel Hybrid-Mode Curved-shape SAW (CsSAW) Sensor For The In-Situ/RealTime Torque And Temperature Measurement of Rotor Shaft in Harsh Environments
Zhang, Haifeng
Primary view of Project Communicate
Boesch, Miriam C.
Primary view of Ultrawideband Near-Field Probe System for Antenna Research
Luyen, Hung
Primary view of The University of North Texas Industrial Assessment Center
Boubekri, Nourredine
Primary view of University of North Texas Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
Primary view of UNT Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
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