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Primary view of Advancing Resources for Cultural Heritage, Inclusion, and Visibility for ALL Communities - Minority Serving Institutions
Lund, Brady, 1994-
Primary view of CAREER: Modeling the Evolution of Massive Galaxies with Enzo-E
Li, Yuan
Primary view of CAREER: Orbital-based Descriptors for Dynamical Properties of Quantum Defects
Wang, Yuanxi
Primary view of CAREER: Liquid Crystal-Templated Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Materials with Multidimensional Chiral Structures
Li, Xiao
Primary view of Exploring the Relative Risk Severity of Phishing Techniques on Individual Phishing Susceptibility: A Mixed Approach
Kim, Dan J.
Primary view of Novel regulators of Slo2 potassium channels
Chen, Bojun
Primary view of Organizing a Successful Workload Analysis Project
Yanowski, Kevin; Sassen, Catherine & Brannon, Sian
February 15, 2024
Primary view of Collaborative Research: IRES Track I: Wireless Federated Fog Computing for Remote Industry 4.0 Applications
Amini Salehi, Mohsen
Primary view of RAPID: Militant Organization Preferences and Strategies for Reducing Postconflict Violence
Meernik, James David
Primary view of Cost-to-hire Template
Brannon, Sian & Park, Shaureece
January 24, 2024
Primary view of Welcoming Families to the Academic Library: Lessons Learned Supporting Student-Parents
Brents, Madison & Akers, Emily
January 20, 2024
Primary view of Collaborative Research: DMREF: AI-enabled Automated design of ultrastrong and ultraelastic metallic alloys
Zheng, Yufeng
Primary view of Collection Evaluation for Enhancements: Computer Science & Computer Engineering
Harker, Karen; Byrne, Sephra & Irhamni
January 12, 2024
Primary view of Applying Game Theory for Improving and Optimizing the US Political Asylum Process
Fathi, Michel
Primary view of Collaborative Research: Conference: Texas-Oklahoma Representations and Automorphic forms (TORA)
Beneish, Lea
Primary view of Collaborative Research: SHF: Small: LEGAS: Learning Evolving Graphs At Scale
Ji, Yuede
Primary view of Development of Facultative Air Breathing in Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus cirrhosus)
Crowder, Lauren W. & Dzialowski, Edward M. (Edward Michael)
January 2024
Primary view of Exploiting machine learning for cybersecurity tasks to talent mapping and exploring credentialing ecosystem
Pravin, Dipakkumar
Primary view of Light Confinement in Twisted Single-Layer 2D+ Moiré Photonic Crystals and Bilayer Moiré Photonic Crystals
Kamau, Steve; Hurley, Noah; Kaul, Anupama; Cui, Jingbiao & Lin, Yuankun
December 25, 2023
Primary view of [Untitled NSF Grant Data Management Plan For Dr. Mohsen Amini Salehi]
Amini Salehi, Mohsen
Primary view of ST JOHN'S Cemetery: A report detailing how Denton County Commissioner Hub Clark stole a cemetery from a Pilot Point freedpersons community in 1938.
Luther Rummel, Jessica
December 12, 2023
Primary view of Collection Evaluation for Enhancements: Languages and Literatures
Harker, Karen; Byrne, Sephra & Irhamni, Irhamni
December 4, 2023
Primary view of Acenaphthene and 1,10-Phenanthroline-Fused Βeta-Functionalized Porphyrins
Arvidson, Jacob Randall
December 2023
Primary view of Acute and Sublethal Impacts of Crude Oil Photo-Induced Toxicity in an Early Life Stage Marine Fish (Sciaenops ocellatus) and Invertebrate (Americamysis bahia)
Leads, Rachel Renee
December 2023
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