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Undergraduate Psychology Students' Knowledge and Attitudes About Near-Death Experiences: Does Educaiton about NDEs Make a Difference

Description: Article discussing the results of research to measure the impact of intervention in undergraduate psychology classes that provided education about near-death experiences (NDEs) and determine whether curricula should be changed.
Date: Autumn 2017
Creator: Tassell-Matamua, Natasha & Lindsay, Nicole
Partner: UNT Libraries

Historical Near-Death and Reincarnation-Intermission Experiences of the Tlingit Indians: Case Studies and Theoretical Reflection

Description: Article discussing historical accounts of six near-death experiences (NDEs) and three reincarnation-intermission experiences (IEs) among Tlingit Indians in Alaska and comparing those experiences to accounts from similar populations elsewhere to draw general conclusions regarding similarities.
Date: Summer 2017
Creator: Matlock, James G.
Partner: UNT Libraries

"He should stay in the grave": Cultural Patterns in the Interpretation of Near-Death Experiences in African Traditional Religions

Description: Abstract: A wide-ranging survey of ethnographic, explorer, and missionary literature demonstrates that although historical accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) are attested in indigenous African societies, they are comparatively rare. Correspondingly, there is also a scarcity of mythological narratives of journeys to afterlife realms and a comparative lack of concern with afterlife speculation per se. Instead the literature reveals that many African peoples had marked concerns about potentially malevolent influences of ancestral spirits, shamanistic focus on spirit possession and sorcery, and precipitous burial practices limiting the occurrence of NDEs. NDEs were sometimes seen as aberrational, suggesting that individuals would have been reluctant to relate them. In such cultural environments, NDEs could scarcely have played a significant role in contributing to afterlife conceptions.
Date: Summer 2017
Creator: Sushan, Gregory
Partner: UNT Libraries

Am I Crazy or Spiritually Transforming? Beyond the Differentiation of Psychiatric and Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Description: Abstract: Spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) may sometimes present with the symptomatology of psychiatric disorders. Transformational crisis may even occur within the context of a psychiatric hospitalization. Such STEs are at odds with the medical model of Western psychiatry that emphasizes pathology. Yet a coherent approach yields no absolute differentiation between spiritual emergence and what health professionals diagnose as mental illness. A historical perspective begins with the presumed differentiation between authentic spiritual experience and psychiatric illness. A more functional approach to spiritual emergency takes into account the perspective of experiencers, their communication and meta-communication skills, and the integration process itself. One case from the popular literature and two cases from the author's psychotherapy practice are presented to demonstrate that the list of causative experiences for STEs can include what is diagnosable as a psychiatric condition, specifically, bipolar disorder.
Date: Winter 2016
Creator: Colli, Janet Elizabeth
Partner: UNT Libraries