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Primary view of DISES: Integrating environmental justice into urban forest assessment and valuation tools: blueprint for the future
Ponette-González, Alexandra G.
Primary view of Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Assistive Technology Services
Howard, Erin L. & Edyburn, Dave
Winter 2022
Primary view of Developing a High-Quality Academic Environment for Broadening Participation of Hispanic Students in Computing
Ding, Junhua
Primary view of Building a Team for EXtragalactic AStrophysics (TEXAS) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Li, Yuan
Primary view of Increasing Students Access to Educational and Experiential Learning Opportunities in Agritourism
KC, Birendra
Primary view of Low-Energy Atomic Processes Including Ones Involving a Positron
Quintanilla, Sandra J.
Primary view of The North Texas-20
Callahan, Jennifer L.
Primary view of University of North Texas Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
Primary view of UNT Upward Bound
Nelson, Tori
Primary view of Cancer Detection and Treatment Based on Low-Level Light Interaction with Biological Cells: Augmentation to Existing Human Performance Research Capabilities
Choi, Tae-Youl
Primary view of Collaborative Research: MRA: Particulates in canopy flowpaths: A missing mass flux at the macrosystem scale?
Ponette-González, Alexandra G.
Primary view of Connecting Communities with Libraries, Archives, and Historians Through Oral Histories
Kim, Jeonghyun
Primary view of EAGER: Experimental Methods and Measurements of Anomalous Properties of Supercritical Fluids and their Mixtures
Prasad, Vishwanath
Primary view of Improving Remote Breathalyzer Procedures used by Clinicians and Researchers to Remotely Monitor Alcohol Use
Dougherty, Donald M.
Primary view of Maternal Acetaminophen Use and Childhood Cancer
Heck, Julia E.
Primary view of Students Data Literacy Needs in Community Colleges: Perspectives of Libraries, Students and Faculty
Kim, Jeonghyun
Primary view of Variable Conductor Radiator for CO2 Deposition in Deep Space Transit
Bostanci, Huseyin
Primary view of New approach for identification pHFO networks to predict epilleptogenesis
Li, Lin
Primary view of Collaborative Research: Equitable Science Sensemaking: Helping Teacher Candidates Support Multiple Pathways for Learning
Keifert, Danielle T.
Primary view of Connecting Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes: Meso-scale Simulations of Multiphase Accretion Flows
Li, Yuan
Primary view of HRSA Center of Excellence
Ruggero, Camilo J.
Primary view of Multi-Source Irrigation Status and Type Mapping
Liang, Lu
Primary view of Nanomagnet-facilitated pharmaco-compatibility for cancer diagnostics: Underlying risks and the emergence of ultrasmall nanomagnets
Marpu, Sreekar; Parimi, Divya S.; Gupta, Yamini; Bhatt, Chandra S.; Bollu, Tharun K. & Suresh, Anil K.
June 27, 2022
Primary view of Library Computing Services in Rural Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Du, Yunfei
June 23, 2022
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